Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring is the air...

 Zoe sectional sofa part of Interieurs Collection

TGIF... a hellish week, one to keep for the records and almost threw me over the edge! manufacturers messing up and costing us our favorite client, clients trying to protect themselves by pretending we placed the wrong orders, late deliveries, freezing cold, store completely hidden under a gigantic scaffolding that was meant to be erect on a different street... can't get the city to remove it...

I am in a mood for spring, this setting goes back to 3 years ago, when we first set up our new showroom, relocating from Tribeca. I always loved this sofa and am thinking or re- bringing it to the Showroom. I would love to hear your comments (don't be afraid to be brutally honest) do you like the line, the modernity of this sectional?

Happy week end,


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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Art That I Love: Line Vautrin

With "Art That I Love" I'm hoping to start a new series of posts about art that I love and their creators. The artists won't necessarily be famous, or even well known for that matter, they will just be Artists whose work I love.
The idea occurred to me this morning, as searching for inspiration for our upcoming "Design On a Dime" booth for Housing Works (more to come on that event), I referred to my art books, objects I own and or love. The theme will be eclectic, the colors will be rich and saturated, incorporating natural elements as well as mid century touches.

One mid century icon is the Starburst Mirror, which brings me to an extraordinary talented artist, Line Vautrin whose work epitomized the Parisian Neo-Romantic chic of the mid Twentieth Century.

Her work, made largely in the Forties and Fifties, in resins, glass and bronze consists of non traditional jewelry and objets. She loved primitive patterns and elements, referring back to ancient hieroglyphs and pictographs.

She was the ultimate feminine woman, refined, sensual, talented with a sense of humor. A truly original thinker and creator. She would add the most unexpected touches to her bronze creations, feathers, enamel beads, felt, fur, glass... She created a new substance: cellulose acetate which she transformed into a new material christened "Talosel". She carved, heated her material to create decorative articles such as screens, lamp bases, jewelry, buttons but above all mirrors.

She began to make convex glass with elaborated frames: her famous "Witches" mirrors with finely chiselled frames, telling a storywith a poetic and yet mischivious touch. The fashionable parisian, Brigitte Bardot among them, would collect her creations.

Line Vautrin, petite, bright, and witty was the incarnation of the ideal Parisienne.

In 1992, she was awarded the national Arts and Crafts Prize for her research in decorative technique. She died in 1997 at the age of 84, 2 years before the exhibition of her work at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.

Her pieces are highly thought after, can be seen in museums, at Sotheby's auction house, high end galleries and dealers.

My favorite are her romantic, whimsical mirrors.

Pages of her life compiled by her daughter Marie Laure

Her famous Talosel mirrors

 Boules en Talosel- unique sculptures

Mirror "Sorciere"

Unique Talosel sculpture

Rajasthan Talosel necklace with incrusted mirrors

Caroline:Necklace with white Talosel incrusted with natural tinted mirrors

 Her famous buttons in Bronze, Ceramic and Talosel

Beautiful whimsical Bronze compacts

Her love of life was contagious...

All pictures from This website is enterely devoted to the works by line Vautrin  according to the wishes of her only child, Marie Laure

A bientot,


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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mountain Style...

Traditional Chalet in Megeve, French Alps

February being the height of the ski season, I will indulge in one of my favorite's yearly post, a "chalet" or refuge of sorts, in the mountains. Throughout this post, I will live vicariously via the homes of the fortunate ones, for short of a small flat in the Pyrenees, I do not yet own my dream ski retreat. I pester my husband to leave everything behind and run to the mountains where I would build our ultimate retreat.

Mine would be modest, 3 or 4 bedrooms max, entirely built in logs, however in a modern style with open spaces, huge fireplace and walls of glass. A well stocked intimate library with a fireplace is a must. Each bedroom to be on the smaller size, cosy in muted tones with a fireplace and a fabulous view.  I would beg for an outdoor heated swimming pool... nothing better to relax the sore muscles from a wild day on the slopes than laps in the pool. Doesn't sound too modest after all...especially if located in any of my favorite ski towns, Chamonix, Megeve, Gstaad, Aspen, Jackson Hole, Park City, Vail and of course Whistler where I try to go at least once a year.

Enjoy my dream....

A must: an open living room , bright, airy with an inviting fireplace

A place to work....with a view!

On the contemporary side

Very chic minimalist

A warm intimate bedroom is the ultimate refuge

Kids can play all night in their stylish dormitory

A fabulous bathtub is a must

Dream ski closet!!

Hope you enjoyed

A bientôt,


All images from my Pinterest

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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Charming Ski town of Saint Lary Soulan in the Pyrennees, my second home

My oldest memory is a vague image of myself, wearing a hand knit red sweater, a big grin on my face and small wooden skies on my might be an  actual memory or some recollection of an old photograph. I always dreamed of being snowbound, crying (even as an adult) when the moment came  to turn my back to the mountains and return to school or later in life, to work. I was snow bound for a full week in my college, Babson College, outside of Boston during the most extraordinary snowstorm! Loved every moment of it as I had great food reserve (packages were sent from France on a regular basis by my parents) and skis. I skied out of my second floor room to my friend's dorm at Wellesley college. To this day, I still feel the stillness of the air, the soundless, pure white landscape.

Paris under the snow is a rare and beautiful event. Earlier in january,I left Paris to meet my parents in the Pyrenees for some relaxation time,  skiing and nice evenings chatting by the fireplace.
I woke up to 6 feet of snow ...a dream... a few lifts were open..the french ski resorts are a little more lax than our US counterpart when it comes to safety. Needless to say I was off, in fierce winds, total white out, and deep powder. Heart pumping, lost in the unforgiving landscape, I forgot all the worries and stress of work and life that keep me up at night, to focus on a single task: avoid avalanches, listen for sounds and ski. Made it down the mountain to find out that the slopes were actually closed, the tram shut down and the only road shut down by avalanches. SNOWBOUND!

giving my dad moral support

 The Pyrenees, steep mountain range between France and Spain

I woke up yesterday morning to this magical landscape. In my pjs and slippers, I grabbed my camera to capture the moment. I rushed to the attic to get my Xcountry skis, snow pants and off I went to our woods... blissfull hours, alone in deep snow , skiing along the river, up the hills, following deer footprints...

My dogs are not too keen on the snow..trying to convince how fun it is to play in the snow

I am off for some Xcoutry skiing...

A Bientôt,


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