Monday, October 18, 2010

Interieurs Design Studio in New York Spaces

Jason Kontos, editor in Chief of New York Spaces just featured one of my favorite project. We re designed this space for Sylvia Rhone, the CEO of Motown records.
Please check out New york spaces, a great magazine which features some of the most renowned designers' work in the greater New York area.

For full story and credits see below:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interieurs photo shoot

Julien sofa, Antoine cocktail table, Charlotte armchair, Jose floorlamp and Dani Hughes painting

Since our move from TriBeCa, we had not updated our website, and we desperately needed new showroom images. in the midst of craziness and preparation for the introduction of our Amara collection, we scheduled (by mistake) two photo shoots the same day with 2 photographers, one for our website and one for 1st dibs!

Stephane sofa, Louis armchair,grate side tables, Industrial railroad table from france, Peace Bird from Jose Esteves

Armande bed, long shag rug,Walnut collection side tables, Michael Mc Hale pendants

Zoe sofa and chaise, Jay bamboo cocktail table, Charlotte armchair, Move floorlamp

Photographs by Jeff Cate

Styling by Francine Gardner

Hope you will have a chance to come and visit. Meanwhile you can always find us at

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A party for AMARA....

Interieurs introduces the Amara Collection designed by Francine Gardner and Interieurs' designer Greg Glidden

The party is over.....I always asked myself...what am i doing this for? it takes an enormous amount of energy to throw a party and to what aim? the goal of this event was to introduce our Amara Collection.

I have owned an Ethiopian wooden grain harvest for years. A few months ago, for our store opening, I placed the large ethiopian piece in the entry where it looked really stunning. One morning in june, as I walked into the showroom, I looked at the piece and suddenly I had an image of a collection based on this wooden piece....instant inspiration. I shared my vision with Greg, our in store head designer and together, we collaborated on our new collection...AMARA which is the name for Paradise in ethiopian.

The MAKENA armoire,hand carved mahogany panels.We designed the handles, hand made, specifically for this collection.

SANURA mirror

Jason Kontos, Editor In Chief of New York Spaces co-sponsored the event. Tara Guerard the incredibly talented event designer (see the showroom into the coolest lounge on a non existing cannot find a better friend......the evening was perfect, warm with a slight breeze, candles glittering, music, great people, wonderful conversations. The terrace became the perfect night spot where guest could lounge on daybeds, deep sofas....

Estera, Interieurs design Studio project Manager designed the 20ft high background

Isn't amazing how Tara can transform a dead tree

The terrace is getting ready for the event...specially made tablecloths, pillows, arrived at 6:30 Event due to start at 6:30....a marathon

For pics. of the party you can check into the next edition of New York spaces. By the time the party started, I had no clue as to the whereabouts of my camera.....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flying off to .....Bhutan


In a little less than two weeks, I will be flying off to discover the magical kingdom of Buthan. I will be trekking in the mountains and valleys, sleeping along rivers, breathing the perfect clean thin air, resting in Monasteries, embracing the rugged beauty of the land, its people, enriching my understanding of the Buddhist spirituality. These moments when my body and my mind have no distraction but its surroundings, when each step , painful as it is, brings pure sheer mind is so in tune with the higher power, God, Buddha...I have a lot of thanks to give...thank you God for protecting my mother and giving her, her health back, thank you for all the love i receive and give every day  from my family, friends and sometimes just strangers, thank you for the freedom of running a business I enjoy with people i love. My life is truly a whirlwind, so when I stop, I need to be free of all the "stuff" that makes up my life.

I truly love being in the mountains, and the Himalayas are for me the pure expression of the love and power of God. Climbing on the mountain path, taking the sometimes painful breath brings me closer an closer to a God that I too many times leave behind.

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