Sunday, January 17, 2010

HAITI Needs Your Urgent Help

I've been wildly busy over the last two weeks so my posting has suffered considerably but I did want to touch on the truly terrible human tragedy still unfolding in Haiti as a result of the earthquake there last week. I encourage all my readers who are able to make a donation to contribute as much as you can possibly manage to your preferred relief agency. There are many GREAT charities mobilizing to help Haiti. All of them need our help. Here's a link to Charity Navigator's list of relief organizations to help you make a difference.

I donated to Doctors Without Borders, a magnificent team of doctors and nurses who have selflessly committed themselves to helping others who have nothing.

My husband donated to another wonderful organization AmeriCares based in Stamford Connecticut.

BRAVO SANDRA BULLOCK !!!!! This is one GREAT Hollywood star who has donated ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Doctors Without Borders. Click the linked image below for the story at Huffington Post.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mountain Retreats

As a child I spent many months in the Pyrenees, a beautiful mountain range between France and Spain.

Upon my Doctor's order, the treatment for my anemic state was to live at altitude. As a result, I developed a deep love for mountains, snow, brisk cold weather and most of all skiing.

I was commissioned by a client to design her ski house out west. I was thrilled at the prospect of working in my favorite environment. We started the project in September and our installation took place during a massive snow storm just before Christmas of the following year.

Here are some images that reflect my thoughts and vision for the ultimate ski house and mountain retreat.

Stone and hewed wood beam construction

Soaring ceilings with wood beams and wide plank flooring

My client's entrance foyer

AD Italia; No 343 Dec. 2009

AD Italia; No 343 Dec. 2009

Elle Decor Italia; No 12 Dec 2009

Living rooms with a warm inviting fireplace

Antique leather Club Chair with cashmere throws
to wrap oneself upon return from the slopes

Maisons Cote Est; No 46. Dec-March 2009

AD Italia; No 343 Dec. 2009
Hotel Les Fermes de Marie, Megeves, France

A must: Iron hand-made lighting by Jose Esteves,
exclusively at Interieurs, cast the warmest light

Unexpected industrial touches will help create a warm rugged
feel to the space all while being extremely functional

A large dining table for fondue parties and other great mountain meals

I designed this custom table with reclaimed
teak top and a cast iron base

Elle Decor Italia; No 12 Dec 2009

Found on Internet; source unknown

Some of the great unique industrial dining tables we offer at Interieurs

Bedroom Sanctuary

We incorporated reclaimed barn planks into
the walls of this loft bedroom suite

A Master Bedroom ...

... with its own fireplace

A guest room option: Interieurs' Armande bed

AD Italia; No 343 Dec. 2009

Found on Internet; Source unknown

A must for any bedroom: A welcoming armchair
with soft throws and pillows (from Interieurs)

A small industrial desk for those short notes to friends

Coffee nook in the guest suite

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