Sunday, October 20, 2013

Waking up....

I woke up to a glorious fall morning, my new iPhone by my side, I captured the morning's first ray of light.
I am a rather poor sleeper, anxiety ridden into the night... my bedroom is my retreat, my refuge of sorts. As I wake up, my eyes will open to this image, an antique chinese scroll once belonging to the grand son of the last emperor of China, a centuries old goddess statue from Cambodia, a glass necklace from Botswana and flowers from my garden. Waking up to this image encapsulates my life. I clearly recall the moment I laid my eyes on the scroll in an art gallery in the forbidden city in Beijing,  when I fell in love with this ancient statue in Cambodia and when I could not resist the colors of these glass stones while in Africa.
The walls of my bedroom are covered with artwork, soft oil paintings, ancient Indian works on paper, my dearest friend Michelle's paintings, simple drawings bought on the streets of Hanoi, an antique Buddha from Burma on my nightstand.
Every morning, I remind myself that the past is truly enriching my soul, making me stronger to accept the present and live every moment.
My bed is a cocoon with its woven cotton canopy from Bali, dressed in soft embroidered white linens passed on from my grand mother, and a soft luscious thick cashmere blanket. From my bed, I have an open view of the courtyard in its fall splendor, the wall beeing made of glass only, immersing the room into nature, gardens, the sounds of birds...

Enjoy the day,


Sunday, October 13, 2013

While in Paris...

I just received an email from my dear friend  and fabulous artist, Jose Esteves, with pictures of his latest designs for the world renowned Pierre Gagnaire's latest restaurant. It befits perfectly that I should write about the sanctum of extraordinary culinary experiences, after my post on secrets of good health

Jose Esteves lighting creations have been the focus of our unique, creative lighting collections for the past seven or eight years. All creative juices are at their best when Carolyn Quatermaine, stylist extraordinaire, has free reign of a project. If in Paris treat yourself: Pierre Gagnaire, 6 Rue Balzac Paris 8eme. If Interieurs were a restaurant in lieu of a Showroom, this would be it!


All above photos by Pierre Gagnaire

Jose at work

More of Jose's work on

A Bientôt,


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