Sunday, August 8, 2010

Design:Le noir et le blanc...(Black and white)

Entrance by Steven Gambrel

Life is not a black and white affair, it is filled with greys and sparks of colors, soft, aggressive rich colors that adorn our every breathing moment. Yet  our eyes, our sensitivity is drawn to the simple complexity of black and white photography, movies, sculptures....To live in a black and white space one has to have a  strong sense of design, proportions, confidence. Black and white interiors are usually seen as modern, rigid, graphic with strong architecture, they can be very intimidating, cold and yes, even pretentious...

I am working on a new collection of furniture for this fall that will be introduced in October with the magazine New York Spaces. The few pieces are all handcarved and inspired by an almost black Ethiopian utilitarian agricultural shield that stands at the entrance of my showroom. The beauty is in its form, and the shape of the carvings. I envision the pieces in the perfect black and white environment with a touch of ethnic, some great textured textiles, modern artwork on the walls and accessories to give the room an intimate personal feel.

Paola Navone for Baxter rocking chair. The collection is to be featured this fall in my Interieurs Showroom

Paola Navone sofa for Baxter
I am very drawn to the ethnic yet modern look of this space

Le mobiler industriel
As you may know by now, having introduced the industrial look years ago in my showroom, I never tire of these utilitarian pieces, now so fashionable. they fit perfectly in a black and white space

Frederick Mechiche parisian loft

This room is the epitome of modern eclectic industrial style 

Eclectic by Frederick Mechiche

Room by Daryl Carter

Great contrasting doors, room by Daryl Carter

Living space by MR Architects

Modern space by Frederick Mechiche, the ultimate black and white designer

Accessories rightly chosen and placed can create a statement and enrich a room. One can give the space its own identity with these last touches. Art and curated objects should reflect the owner's style, love and passions.

Art by Danny Hughes 

Accessories from Interieurs

Contemporary ceramics from Interieurs

I like to display these large ceramic platters on a cocktail table

These glasses are a fun contemporary touch

Fabulous ceramic display

 Some accessories displayed in the Interieurs showroom

Interieurs showroom

My question is: Could you envision yourself living in any of these spaces? If your answer is yes..... welcome to my world

If you gag at the sight of these rooms...that is fine too as we are unique individuals with our own sense of style and taste, the importance is to be true to yourself in your likes and dislikes


  1. Greetings Francine - I could place myself in the MR Architects room, anything designed by Frederick Mechiche & Steven Gambrell. Surrounded by such great design I'm afraid I'd become housebound and never want to leave. The Paola Navone pieces you featured are magnificent; the rockers look gorgeous but also look incredibly comfy. I adore all the pieces from your showroom. One day I will make it to NYC and have the great joy of visiting your remarkable store and finally meet you in person.
    Hoping you have a lovely Sunday Francine ~

  2. Bonjour Francine,
    I do love black and white and those Paola Navone rocking chairs are amazing. I look forward to visit your store in NY this fall ...

    Je vous remercie de visiter mon blog. A trés bientot.

  3. I can invision myself living in these rooms. Absolutely!

  4. Love the rocking chair and the rug, in addiotion to everything else! Beautiful blog!
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  5. Francine,
    I adore these images, fabulous!!

    Be sure to enter my New Giveaway!!

    Art by Karena

  6. The black and white is sooooo classic, and thanks for stopping by today. I love your blog. You are one of my new blog friends. :)

  7. gorgeous... cant wait to meet... i need your cell #... pls email me at

  8. How lucky can a girl get to have found your blog. It is absolutely stunning. Love the way you tell us about what you're showing and your mini-bio is fascinating.

    Quick question: How do you get your mother's peach jam through customs these days?

    I shall now join your devoted followers with great enthusiasm.

  9. Francine,
    I love it!! The black and white rooms! I love the library here and the room of Daryl Carter! Oh yes I could live in it! Great post Francine!
    Have a nice weekd!

  10. Francine, this is just beautiful! I agree, black and white rooms, done right, are a delight... so often, I dismiss them if they do not have sense of ease and warmth. I love old floors or puddled curtains in black and white spaces, and Frederick Mechiche's parisian loft, above, is just my cup of tea. When can I move in? Also, so many new fantastic pieces, too!

    Hope your week is off to a perfect start,


  11. Your show room is amazing! Love all the pieces you have shown here and excited to see more this fall!

  12. Yes I could and am hoping next year to buy the building across the road from us which we will convert to a loft apartment with a roof top terrace and this is exactly the type of look that I am aiming for :-)

    Leeann x

    p.s. your showroom is gorgeous!

  13. So serene...and the dove with the olive branch is simply beautiful

  14. Yes, yes........I could move into that Parisian loft any minute. And that grid rug is fabulous. Look forward to seeing your new collection. XO

  15. Hi Francine,
    Well, I love each and every image..... the massive clock, the wonderful iron staircase, beautiful chic and sophisticated spaces...... our daughtr is just about to buy a flat in London and, this is the sort of look she would love ( on a budget, of course !!)
    I saw on Deb's post that you are a big 'YES' fan. Me too !!!! XXXX

  16. Hi Francine
    I love the Daryl Carter and the pieces from your showroom.. Mind you like the Frederick Mechiche too.. In fact I often find I like too many disparate styles which of course leaves me confused.. haha... The art by Danny Hughes reminds me of those Italian trees I love so much... Funny I've been working on another post with those same trees... one of these days I'll post it..

    Hope you are well.. xxx Julie

  17. i can see myself in several.
    love love love 'em.


  18. All of these spaces are gorgeous! If I had to pick one, I would have to go with Darryl Carter. He's a design genius in my eyes.


  19. That parisian loft is calling my name...loudly!

  20. Francine,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. This is my second post here. I LOVE this neutral palettes! I just love your blog.
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  21. Absolutely Francine! I appreciate all of the incredible designs & designers. I love contrast although I like a softer version like brown & white...ok I know I'm a softy.
    I hope to visit your showroom someday too. And then can we go pull weeds in your garden? I love that even more. You are so talented in so many different ways!
    have a lovely weekend my dear.

  22. Gorgeous post. And the Daryl Carter room with oversize barn doors - I certainly envision myself in that space.
    Leigha (your newest follower!)

  23. I can see myself in the Parisian loft or the Modern space with the B&W stripes. When I was in college, I covered my couch in striped sheets giving them a similar look, though definitely not as grand!


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