Sunday, March 15, 2015

Life in White...

As i look outside my window, the landscape is defined by tones of whites and greys. Our skis and boots officially went to the warehouse yesterday, spring cleaning lists to be prepared…endless with roof to be repaired, leaks to be fixed, house to be repainted, indoor walls to be repainted, electrical to be fixed…did i mention the plumbing? I don't even want to think about the garden work to be attended to once the snow melts away.

 The love for an old charming house! one has to be either nutty or with a full staff of jack of all trades to choose to live in an old house, in my case turn of the century stables. For all my whining, I would not have it any other way. I love all the corkiness and imperfections of the house, its character, the place I call home. 

This house has been my savior and shelter during these past months of turmoil . The house has been my physical and spiritual refuge, my safety net. Change is hard, change is tough, but I do embrace change. I am changing nearly 20 years of conducting my business in a specific traditional way,  to embrace the world of e.commerce and iCloud.
I am about to launch my new Interieurs Design Studio website:, working on implementing our new  into an commerce website, while working on Interior design projects, hence my lack of blogging…

Life is white and grey with some bursts of sunshine.

Bedroom by Paola Navone

Chandelier by Jose Esteves for

My winter white tablescape

La Vie en Blanc…

A Bientôt


by Francine gardner


  1. Oh, Francine, we must speak this week sometime. I want to know everything. Loving our home is vital to our well being, I know. And, therse images are beautiful, so beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to visit me today and leaving such a sweet comment. Next to loving our family all of us need a dog. That is one of the Commandments, I think.

  2. Oh Francine, those white rooms...I can live it all white, and I do actually! But after this harshly cold winter, I am looking forward to adding just a touch of color with fresh flowers, but all white is so peaceful!

    BONJOUR! Merci d'être venue chez moi! J'ai hâte de finir mon livre afin de bien partager avec celles qui voudraient l'acheter. Bon lundi, Francine! Anita

  3. Hi Francine, just wrote a long comment went to send it and I had to sign in and
    I guess I lost the comment. Well happy spring cleaning, good luck with the new business.
    At last Sun. yvonne


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