Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mountain Style

View from my bedroom

I truly apologize for my lack of blogging and missing out on our last"By invitation only" posting. Having a free moment this morning, I will try and catch up on my fellow bloggers' post

 I was snowbound in the French Pyrennees where my parents spend the winters. Hurling winds and record snow made skiing very challenging, but I loved it all the same.

Waking up this morning to a windy, sub zero snowy day, I feel this is a perfect opportunity to write my  yearly "Mountain Style" post.

I have a very deep love for the mountains. I embrace the challenge of the weather , love trekking up the mountains, love extreme high altitudes and most of all love the snow.

However, I am a designer after all and my surroundings and interiors are also very important to my sense of well being. 


My village and ski resort in the French Pyrenees:Saint -Lary

A guest retreat, part of a ski house I designed in Utah

A spa retreat

A place to forget about the world...

A Bientot,

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  1. Just gorgeous Francine ….. I wish that I was in any of those rooms …. NOW !!!! They are all beautiful.
    ….. and, the snow is beautiful too. We have only had a light dusting so far this winter and it has been very mild { I have never done so much gardening this early in the year !! } but, who knows what the rest of February will bring ? XXXX

  2. oh my, take me. I love the mountains too, trekking, remoteness, and a wild storm raging in... Your village resort looks beautiful....

  3. Beautiful pictures and you make me envious with the cold! it is stiflingly hot here!

  4. Francine all of these images evoke mountain charm, warmth and a feeling of luxe!
    Have a great week!
    The Arts by Karena

  5. I always love this annual post and this year did not dissapoint! Devouring every single image!!

  6. It is soo beautiful! And so good pictures!

  7. Francine I love your style.
    I am the fur and plaid type.
    Stay warm, Maine is wicked cold.

  8. great post
    beautiful pics


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