Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIFFA....creative spirit for a cause

I have been on a whirlwind, from our Warehouse sale last weekend to setting up our booth at the Architectural Digest Show in New York. Next, we will be featuring our vignette booth at Housing Works for their famous yearly Design on a Dime, but tonight, a little relaxation for the hot party ticket at DIFFA Dining by Design.

Creative challenges, efforts, visions were amazing. each table was  enchanting, surprising, clever . I am soon to be off to my booth at the Show, and will highlight my favorite Vignettes.

If you are planning to attend the show, come visit booth 169 in the MADE section.

Perhaps, one of these vignettes for your next dinner party?

Designed by New York School of Interior Design, Mentor: Marc Blackwell

New York University Mentors: David Rockwell and Barry Richards. Incredibly clever, all constructed with wire coat hangers

Many Hands by Gensler and Herman Miller. The wall is covered with Kiss chocolates

My very favorite from FIT. Mentor: Jes Gordon

Benjamin Moore by David Stark. You feel as if you were inside a Jackson Pollock painting..

The non dining...dining room by Thom Filiccia for NYDC

Designed by Elizabeth Bolognino Interiors

Kinky Boots!!Maya Romanoff and Rockwell Group

A Bientôt,


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Monday, March 18, 2013

Color your life


After much agonizing (see my previous post on Black and white)... I am going back to Africa! Mozambique  and Botswana, absolutely not a wise decision, but travel is the essence of my life and I need much resourcing before  facing the next steps...

The antithesis of black and white is color in all its transmutations, forms, shapes, texture. Thanks to my very design and color driven clients who expect me to push the envelope, I have been working with colors and textiles. Reaching out to textiles designers in Senegal, Morocco, Laos, Bhutan, Italy, France
.... my last weeks have been infused with colors, so welcome during these past dreary, depressing days.

I fell in LOVE! love of colors, love of the fabulous designers behind some of the pieces that I hope to place in my current projects.

All pics from Gan an Paola Lenti

Enjoy a bright day,

A Bientôt,


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Monday, March 4, 2013

Life in Black and White

Wishful thinking... I sometimes would hope that life was black and white, expectations clearly defined, people straightforward, work and pleasure in balance. In retrospect, such perfect life if not utopia, might actually be a little dull. I really am not trying to complicate my life but it seems so chaotic, so demanding, that at times, I seem to have lost a sense of priority or importance. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, risk taker, traveller but lately I have been prioritizing work and the responsibility of business above all. Do I remain true to myself and do go on my planned trip to Africa, hiking in Botswana, sleeping under the stars, swimming and forgetting about the world in Mozambique... or attend to the constant need of my business. Shall I be reckless or wise?....

Meanwhile, lets imagine a perfect Black and White beautiful world...

How I love the Royal Mansour in Marrakech!

The Cocoon room I designed for Showtime...the ultimate dark retreat

Love Betty Wasserman designs...good client of Interieurs

Eclectic style 

The master of Eclectic...Alex Vervoordt

Intimate dining...intimidating?

Minimalist bedroom 

Fabulous chandelier

My dream home by Jacqueline Morabito

I would call this "black Rococo"

Pure modern elegance

Dark thoughts in the morning?

White by Jacqueline Morabito

When your mood is dark..

Are you more of a "noir" or "blanc" ?

A bientôt,


all images from my Pinterest

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