Monday, March 18, 2013

Color your life


After much agonizing (see my previous post on Black and white)... I am going back to Africa! Mozambique  and Botswana, absolutely not a wise decision, but travel is the essence of my life and I need much resourcing before  facing the next steps...

The antithesis of black and white is color in all its transmutations, forms, shapes, texture. Thanks to my very design and color driven clients who expect me to push the envelope, I have been working with colors and textiles. Reaching out to textiles designers in Senegal, Morocco, Laos, Bhutan, Italy, France
.... my last weeks have been infused with colors, so welcome during these past dreary, depressing days.

I fell in LOVE! love of colors, love of the fabulous designers behind some of the pieces that I hope to place in my current projects.

All pics from Gan an Paola Lenti

Enjoy a bright day,

A Bientôt,


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  1. I was in Botswana last October Francine, in the Okavango Delta which I have been fortunate to visit twice before. A very special place.......Have a wonderful trip!

    Love the colours and textures in all of these pictures.


  2. Go and enjoy Francine... you will reap the rewards and benefits ten fold... for yourself and for your business...
    Creativity can never be neglected... and there is nowhere more inspiring than Africa...
    hve a wonderful time and tell us all.. xv

  3. Francine, Brillant colors and the fabric designs are wonderful. My Husband was in Senigal. You be very very very careful.

  4. I think you are making the right choice, both wise and reckless. I am sure your time spent hiking and sleeping beneath the stars will lead to many inspired designs upon your safe return. Love these woven pieces, especially the orange loungers.

  5. J'adore les 1eres images!!! and all the colors!! Have great fun in Africa ! but be careful.

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