Friday, July 29, 2011

Thanks EIEI HOME!!!

EIEI Home has graciously honored Interieurs by including the master bathroom in one of my favorite design projects.

To read the whole story and see the other great bathrooms featured at eiei home, click the linked icon:

Contemporary to Traditional Bathrooms Chosen to Inspire

Published: 07/28/2011 in Luxury Renovation
It’s Trendy Thursday and this week I’d thought we’d take a look at inspiring bathrooms.

First up we have the Hamptons Residence by Interieurs who created this wonderfully Contemporary style bathroom using creams and whites. There is something incredibly soothing about this bath and just look at that faucet!

Hampton Residence by Interiors bathroom design
Photographer: Fred Ruegg

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Estera is getting married...

I am blessed to work with such a tight wonderful team. When it all started, I was the only married one at Interieurs, then Krista tied the knot, Interieurs team celebrating with her on her grand wedding day, followed by Greg and Victor who pronounced their vows in my living room, an intimate warm, elegant wedding on a December snowy night. Our intern even chose to elope to return to Interieurs as Mrs....

Ania, our marketing wizard came to Interieurs as a rather new bride.

I have worked with Estera for quite a few years and followed her path from being a young intern, fresh out of school, shy, quiet, to this beautiful, smart and talented woman who has risen to the sometimes thankless job of being project manager. Estera loves life, beauty, her family, friends and everything about her showed on her wedding day. She and Will planned the entire event on a beautiful quaint farm and I felt privileged to have  shared with her all the small steps.

Bach was being played by the violinists while waiting for the bride

 My contribution was to make all her flower arrangements and supervise the decors... well, it turned out to be a bit more, as I was referred to by guest as ...the wedding planner?? no, the caterer...oh dear no, I can't even boil an egg, so "what are you then, the farm girl? one guest desperate to find his table asked me... that I really am at heart, a farm good customer service training kicked in really fast, and my answer to everyone question was...hold that thought! I will get you that chair, here sir you may sit in the is only 105 degrees today...yes, I will be happy (in my sinking stiletto heels) to move all the chair from the sunny side to under that tree... here is a fan...the bride...she is almost here...

And here she comes...

Her mom gave her away... a very sweet moment

Next...behind the scene

A Bientot

Monday, July 18, 2011

Color inspirations

Summer is a slow time in New York, which leaves me a little freedom to work on our fall new designs, materials, colors, etc....  I just recently had dinner with a Benjamin Moore creative executive, and with wine helping us, we had so many laughs and at the end of dinner we realized that we actually sat 3 hours at the table! A good thing I  train it into town.

We talked about life, travel, opera, wine food and colors. It is so interesting to compare how one operates from a corporate environment compared to my approach of operating purely on my gut and fancy.

Days later, as I was going through powder coated finishes that we presented to a client, my eyes stopped on one color... I knew it! This is it! I became totally absorbed by this color, ran around the showroom in search of similar tones, found the perfect shag carpet sample from our Limited Edition Collection and the ultimate complimentary color in a pair of scissors. Inspiration cannot be planned, learned, scheduled or even called up on demand, it has more the character of a leap of faith.

I carry usually an Iphone or a small camera and just take snapshots of anything that speaks to me, especially colors. When traveling, my eyes are constantly roaming and scanning the scene.

I gravitate towards natural tones, greys, dark browns, soothing non aggressive colors which are reflected in my recent design works. It only took a dark, cold, brutal winter and a winter escape to the warm seas, et voila!

Will unveil my fall color story soon..

A bientot, Francine

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Interieurs as Featured in Garden Design Magazine (July/August 2011)

 In our industry, the support of editorial is critical. I am an avid (borderline neurotic gardener) and have been reading Garden Design for years. My house was published a few years ago in the magazine, the story was about our new Interieurs collection. As a result, a new client called on me to redesign and furnish her nearby week end residence.  I was thrilled when Katie Mendelson contacted me about our terrace which she had seen during one of our parties. Here is our outdoor space styled by Garden Design.



 If you find the time to read it, here is the transcribed text:
City Style
When I refer to the deck of my Brooklyn apartment, I use the term loosely;in truth, it is a dirty patch of tar roof. But after a trip to the design firm INTERIEURS on New York City's East 58th Street, I realized that with a few smart choices, even the most sharp-edged cityscapes can become an urban oasis.
When INTERIEURS'owner Francine Gardner relocated her showroom in 2010, she knew what she was after: "I wanted a place to meet with clients, to eat lunch, and to relax and entertain," she says. Inside, the breezy duplex showcases finds from four-poster beds to egg shaped lamps. But the piece de resistance is its 1,000 square foot terrace. Even penned in by office buildings, the terrace's currated mix of furniture and greenery is ripe for casual entertaining."it's quite unexpected in midtown manhattan,"Gardner notes.
Gardner's design philosophy, favoring relaxation over perfection and melding periods and styles-an indonesian petrified wood side table topped with artist Jose Esteves'contemporary bird sculpture , for instance-results in an inspiring but serene environment of vignettes.A sleek white dining table dressed with a colorful runner is the site of dinner parties; two sitting areas, one with ample handwoven fiber chairs, the other arranged arounfd tables set with eclectic conversation pieces, invite guests to sink in, enjoy a cocktail, dream and chhat.
The details that give this terrace its inviting ambiance can be replicated even in the smallest of spaces.Furniture-wise,comfort should reign supreme:gardner's sofas and chairs, chosen for thier high design and cushiness, are  by italian manufacture Unopiu. But the real mood comes from personalized accents:Vierkant concrete planters,nautically inspired tekna lighting fixtures,and plenty of warm touches."What comes to mind when i think odf an outdoor retreat," she says "are great fabrics,blankets for cool evenings, scented plants and soft colors"With these few principles as a guide, Gardner's goal-tot turn her piece of nature into a relaxing space that fostersher guest 's enjoyment-is achieveable for any city dweller,whether their outdoor space ia an expansive terrace or a rooftop.
Katie Mendelson.

A Bientot,

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