Monday, July 18, 2011

Color inspirations

Summer is a slow time in New York, which leaves me a little freedom to work on our fall new designs, materials, colors, etc....  I just recently had dinner with a Benjamin Moore creative executive, and with wine helping us, we had so many laughs and at the end of dinner we realized that we actually sat 3 hours at the table! A good thing I  train it into town.

We talked about life, travel, opera, wine food and colors. It is so interesting to compare how one operates from a corporate environment compared to my approach of operating purely on my gut and fancy.

Days later, as I was going through powder coated finishes that we presented to a client, my eyes stopped on one color... I knew it! This is it! I became totally absorbed by this color, ran around the showroom in search of similar tones, found the perfect shag carpet sample from our Limited Edition Collection and the ultimate complimentary color in a pair of scissors. Inspiration cannot be planned, learned, scheduled or even called up on demand, it has more the character of a leap of faith.

I carry usually an Iphone or a small camera and just take snapshots of anything that speaks to me, especially colors. When traveling, my eyes are constantly roaming and scanning the scene.

I gravitate towards natural tones, greys, dark browns, soothing non aggressive colors which are reflected in my recent design works. It only took a dark, cold, brutal winter and a winter escape to the warm seas, et voila!

Will unveil my fall color story soon..

A bientot, Francine


  1. Dear Francine,
    That first photograph takes me back to my childhood when we used to use those silks for crosstich at school.
    .....and what a beautiful colour that you found for your clients. It's not quite tangerine or coral.....somewhere in between.
    Beautiful photographs and, I look forward to seeing your fall colour story. XXXX

  2. Francine,
    Can't wait!
    Isn't it amazing how much color inspiration we can get from just looking around us? So many colors in thread and yarn! Reminds me that I need to get back to a needle and thread. So relaxing!
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love your vision and the interconnections in nature, life and design. I think I have a hint of what's to come - and I like it!!

  4. Very beautiful colors! Reminds me of my favorite Buddha Painting by Sofan Chan. Such rich and vibrant colors like your vision. A designer and a painter I guess aren't too different at all.

  5. Hello Francine,

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! Did I read correctly that it's about 36 degrees where you are? My goodness! We are at about 18/19 here in Vancouver. As for this post and Fall inspiration, I look forward to seeing what you put together :)

    xx, Sarah

  6. Such wondrous colours Francine...I can see why you would be so inspired....xv

  7. I love the vibrant colors of this post! So beautiful. The tree with the multi colored leaves makes me wish I could paint. Beautiful blog!


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