Sunday, July 24, 2011

Estera is getting married...

I am blessed to work with such a tight wonderful team. When it all started, I was the only married one at Interieurs, then Krista tied the knot, Interieurs team celebrating with her on her grand wedding day, followed by Greg and Victor who pronounced their vows in my living room, an intimate warm, elegant wedding on a December snowy night. Our intern even chose to elope to return to Interieurs as Mrs....

Ania, our marketing wizard came to Interieurs as a rather new bride.

I have worked with Estera for quite a few years and followed her path from being a young intern, fresh out of school, shy, quiet, to this beautiful, smart and talented woman who has risen to the sometimes thankless job of being project manager. Estera loves life, beauty, her family, friends and everything about her showed on her wedding day. She and Will planned the entire event on a beautiful quaint farm and I felt privileged to have  shared with her all the small steps.

Bach was being played by the violinists while waiting for the bride

 My contribution was to make all her flower arrangements and supervise the decors... well, it turned out to be a bit more, as I was referred to by guest as ...the wedding planner?? no, the caterer...oh dear no, I can't even boil an egg, so "what are you then, the farm girl? one guest desperate to find his table asked me... that I really am at heart, a farm good customer service training kicked in really fast, and my answer to everyone question was...hold that thought! I will get you that chair, here sir you may sit in the is only 105 degrees today...yes, I will be happy (in my sinking stiletto heels) to move all the chair from the sunny side to under that tree... here is a fan...the bride...she is almost here...

And here she comes...

Her mom gave her away... a very sweet moment

Next...behind the scene

A Bientot


  1. lovely... and her mom walking her down the aisle... precious... xx
    stay cool dear francine... i will be in nyc aug 15th! i want to see you for sure... will you be at gift show????

  2. Estera looks simply beautiful. And lucky her to have such a pro helping out - I'm sure everything was PERFECT!! Can't wait to see!!

  3. She looked beautiful Francine...and how lucky Estera was to have you put your fabulous touch on her wedding day....xv

  4. Here gown is just beautiful. So glad she had a lovely day! xo

  5. She looks amazing. It must have a been a wonderful day for all.

  6. Oh, how sweet, Francine. Everything was so beautiful.
    She is lucky to have such a thoughtful friend as you.

  7. Gorgoeus
    Dress, bride, day, decor!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  8. you are blessed to be surrounded by another family.
    a family that you have chosen,
    and spend most of your time and energy with.
    it's a lucky thing.

  9. Oh my, how exciting! From what I see within these images, it was a beautiful event. You are such a kind person, Francine, and no doubt the entire day was so special to Estera :)

  10. How beautiful.. they look so happy and the bride looks stunning [even if it was 105!!]...

    I agree with Renee.. it's a wonderful thing to work with people you truly like and care for.. after all it is a big part of one's life.. So if I work for you does that mean I may finally get married? hehe

    Congrats on Thomas Voeckler holding onto that jersey so long... of course I was happy for Cadel to steal it.. Have a great week.. and I'll take some shots for you in europe!! ciao xxx Julie

  11. Francine, I love everything about the wedding. The setting, the gowns, just a very special event for everyone I am sure! Estera is indeed a gorgeous bride.


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