Monday, January 30, 2012

New york Gift Show,January 2012

This was quite a week end! Setting up friday night for the warehouse sale at the Metropolitan Pavillion in New York was quite an achievement in maximizing the amount of furniture on 300sq/ft. We had the smallest space and used every inch of it. Can you guess I tried to keep costs to a minimum...Saturday was quite hectic, the goal was to get rid of floorsamples that were costing me monthly warehousing fees.I did not quite make my goal but nevertheless was happy with the results. I ran in a bit of trouble by selling the same day bed to two people...had a very upset woman to deal with!I was so drugged out for bronchitis   that, to my defense, I was borderline delirious... Sunday morning, back to the Metropolitan for an hour and off to the gift show. I found out that we actually totaled the highest sales per square foot...

I went to the gift show to pick up a few accessories for my Interieurs showroom, and say hello to my favorite lighting designers, Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar whom I represent in New York. The Gift show is great for a quick pick up but i don't find inspiration in such an environment . I thrive for the challenge of discovering new talents, artists I never heard off, this usually happens at random, when least expected.

And VOILA! I placed a few orders, took pics of my favorites...and am off to the podiatrist for my cast... Will be going to Paris in a couple of days to work on the new inspirations for Jose Esteves new lighting collection, and to Avignon in hope to find some mid century armchairs at the "deballage" as well as working on some new industrial ideas with my buddy "Bernard"

I am crazy for these Christian lacroix note books.Placed an order to give as clients' gifts

I have enjoyed Esteban's candles in my house for years...Finally bought them for my Interieurs showroom

Really liked these candles as well, unfortunately the style is just too country for Interieurs

I found these great soy candles, made upstate New York. I will be doing a private label program for Interieurs with their amber scent

Purchased these chinese urns to display on my Industrial Farm tables

My favorite bedding Leitner which I have carried at Interieurs for the past 15 years

This will be featured on our Armande canopy bed

This John Robshow bedding is such fun

Perfect linen hemstitched napkins from Sferra, a must!

Went mad for these Indian swinging chairs

Always enjoyed bold wooden chandeliers

Perfect plates for a beach or country house

Just love these sweet porcelain cups 

A Bientot,


Monday, January 23, 2012

An enchanting escape...

Winter blues anyone? I certainly am suffering a rather serious case of winter blues, laying in bed for the past three days with strep throat, bronchitis, a torn ligament and a slight fracture on my heel ... the joy of having to sport a cast for the next 2 months! What will I wear? Sorry, I am indeed whining, not very becoming I agree.

This last October, I found an enchanting island, somewhere in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Zanzibar, Pemba Island.

Arriving at the dock

The only hotel/resort on the island, Fundu Lagoon, is designed to be totally integrated with nature, a  jewel among a lush vegetation. Walking barefoot on fine sand is such a luxury, the service is superb, the staff very friendly, the food absolutely delicious, a relaxed atmosphere, the guests are pampered, sunset sails on the traditional dow, snorkeling or scuba diving on a deserted island. I was in paradise!

Our "hut"...

Our tented suite with mahogany floors and bath

monkey keeping guard (or waiting to steal some food)

While his friends were doing some serious "monkey business"

The timber construction is all done by the locals

Beach combing at low tide

An evening sail on a traditional dhow

A pleasant hot trek to the village

... and the beautiful sweet children

Back for a refreshing long swim, shower and ready for an evening cocktail

Holding on to the moment

saying goodbye to the precious day

with promises to return

Are you planning a honeymoon, wedding anniversary, an adventure in Africa or simply wanting to escape for a while... check out Fundu Lagoon

From New York, fly to Amsterdam, from Amsterdam to Dar El Salaam, from Dar El Salaam to Zanzibar, from Zanzibar hop over a couple of islands in a Cessna 4 seater, arrive at Pemba drive through Pemba to the resort dock, feel the sun, breath in the sea air, a boat ride away, the manage and his team will welcome you with smile and cocktail in hand... after 30 some hours traveling, you will deserve this piece of Paradise.

 A bientot,


Monday, January 16, 2012

Designing: white on white

The pure bluish white glacier is an amazing sight in the midst of Kilimanjaro dry, drab rocky summit. Precious moments of beauty and rest in thin air, minutes away from the summit. I could not take my eyes away from such a marvelous sight.

My dear friend Linda O' Keeffe recently published a beautiful book "Brilliant": White in Design. In her words, "White always makes a statement. It is distinct, versatile and unparalleled; it is brilliant".

This led me to analyze my work and its reliance on the various shades of white.
The spectrum of white is so vast and offers limitless creative choices to the designer. White conjures a nostalgic, romantic ,soft charm but white is equally embraced by modern avant garde architects and  designers. A pure white space will reflects and emphasizes the architecture to perfection.
In my work, I look at white  with the eyes of a minimalist and inject my personal dose of eclectic elements, soft textiles, distressed antiques, ethnic objects, contemporary artworks to create a warm, welcoming environment.
I love both the pure brilliance of minimalist architecture as well as the coziness of a well lived white bedroom or living room for instance.

Jean Nouvel extraordinary architecture for the Louvre Museum in Abbu Dabbi

pue minimalist white Kitchen:

A white glass tiles bathroom I designed for a client's New York loft. The Master bath was so small, that following a complete gut job, I recaptured every inch of space. White gave the illusion of space, airiness  and light.

Jean Nouvel bed design

Paola Navone bed, when modern meets traditional craft of crochet

I gravitate towards imperfect spaces and white is a great way to blend materials, textures, forms and furnishings

Mark Adams vis The Ranch Malibu

image via

As seen in Linda O 'Keeffe  "Brilliant"

My dog Clancy enjoying a late afternoon rest.

AD spanish issue No.2011

In Linda O'Keeffe "Brilliant"

Elle Decor

Hotel Alpaca, Italy

Chandelier by Paola Navone

Interieurs chandelier by Jose Esteves

My own festive winter white table

Elle Deco festive white table

Love the simplicity of this kitchen :Image

Rustic meets modern  kitchen

 And Finally, the Full Moon on December 8, 2011
Photo: Luke Gardner

All I am missing is snow for a perfect winter white mood.

A bientot,


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