Monday, January 30, 2012

New york Gift Show,January 2012

This was quite a week end! Setting up friday night for the warehouse sale at the Metropolitan Pavillion in New York was quite an achievement in maximizing the amount of furniture on 300sq/ft. We had the smallest space and used every inch of it. Can you guess I tried to keep costs to a minimum...Saturday was quite hectic, the goal was to get rid of floorsamples that were costing me monthly warehousing fees.I did not quite make my goal but nevertheless was happy with the results. I ran in a bit of trouble by selling the same day bed to two people...had a very upset woman to deal with!I was so drugged out for bronchitis   that, to my defense, I was borderline delirious... Sunday morning, back to the Metropolitan for an hour and off to the gift show. I found out that we actually totaled the highest sales per square foot...

I went to the gift show to pick up a few accessories for my Interieurs showroom, and say hello to my favorite lighting designers, Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar whom I represent in New York. The Gift show is great for a quick pick up but i don't find inspiration in such an environment . I thrive for the challenge of discovering new talents, artists I never heard off, this usually happens at random, when least expected.

And VOILA! I placed a few orders, took pics of my favorites...and am off to the podiatrist for my cast... Will be going to Paris in a couple of days to work on the new inspirations for Jose Esteves new lighting collection, and to Avignon in hope to find some mid century armchairs at the "deballage" as well as working on some new industrial ideas with my buddy "Bernard"

I am crazy for these Christian lacroix note books.Placed an order to give as clients' gifts

I have enjoyed Esteban's candles in my house for years...Finally bought them for my Interieurs showroom

Really liked these candles as well, unfortunately the style is just too country for Interieurs

I found these great soy candles, made upstate New York. I will be doing a private label program for Interieurs with their amber scent

Purchased these chinese urns to display on my Industrial Farm tables

My favorite bedding Leitner which I have carried at Interieurs for the past 15 years

This will be featured on our Armande canopy bed

This John Robshow bedding is such fun

Perfect linen hemstitched napkins from Sferra, a must!

Went mad for these Indian swinging chairs

Always enjoyed bold wooden chandeliers

Perfect plates for a beach or country house

Just love these sweet porcelain cups 

A Bientot,



  1. Nice vantage point and the cups at the finish were an unexpected delight. Would love to have been there!

  2. So many wonderful finds!! Love of course all the blue and white places, and do you know whose line that is that you said has a country vibe? Love the packaging, hope you had fun!

  3. Francine-
    You give new meaning to the tittle "bionic woman." You don't let anything get you down.
    Beautiful images. Thank you for sharing with those of us that don't get to go to New York frequently.

  4. Congratulations on the highest sales per Sq foot Yaay!! and all performed whilst in a bronchial medicated state good girl :)
    Thanks for the little tour of your delights at NY gift Show some divine purchases would love to browse in your store.
    Enjoy Paris am sure you will have fun
    Carla xx

  5. Wonderful finds Francine. You are amazing!

    I love the Chinese Urns.

    Art by Karena

  6. Oooooo, what gorgeous, gorgeous goodies Francine. I want it all !!!!.....and, you did it all whilst being poorly !! You really are Superwoman. Love the candles, love the cushions, love the beds .... love everything.
    Hope that you are on the mend now and feeling a little better. Much love. XXXX

  7. I was only at the Piers but there was still tons to see. Saw and loved the last 3 things as well!! Can't believe you walk the show in your state!! And congrats on your sales at the Metropolitan!!

  8. OMG, love love love those Chinese urns. Also the Christian Lacroix notebooks. I don't know how you do all of this, Francine. Seeing is believing though...and I know you do it all well. Hope by now you're feeling better, lovie. Sending love...

  9. Francine: I hated to miss you. I shopped with Liza on Saturday, Devon on Sunday and clients Monday and Tuesday. Despite tromping through the same spaces, I saw new things with fresh eyes. Did you see Alicia Alpaca? I adored her throws, bathrobes and wraps. They are soft like cashmere, but for a fraction of the cost. I'm sorry you are limping through the frost. Happy shopping in France.

  10. Wow it is almost as good as being there. Mille mercis for the fabulous tour.


    p.s it is still very cold here but no snow yet :-)

  11. Dear Francine,
    Hope you get some rest. A cold and the leg all at once and doing that show. You are a real trooper Darling. I love the urn,swing, dishes and the cups are so pretty.
    Get some rest. yvonne

  12. Wow. Some very beautiful images.

  13. Dear Francine I enjoy your style and blog very much. Images are always a treat as well as a story to go with them.
    please stop by my blog I've just awarded you The Liebster Blog Award.
    Thank you.

  14. Bronchitis! Francine, I had no idea and you are now officially insane for going to the deballage in that condition!! Sending good energy for your health and also for travelling as I just heard that Air France is on strike today. Hope you are somewhere comfy and WARM.


  15. Thank you so much Francine for stopping by my blog right in the middle of your trip. I appreciate it very much. I'm your follower and subscriber. Always be happy to read your comment.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful trip.

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