Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden walls, fences and gates....

Ever since the beginning of times, farmers have enclosed their precious land to keep animals in and strangers at bay. My greatest passion is landscaping. I just love incorporating architectural elements such as wall and gates in the landscape. Living in New England, stone walls are an integral part of the landscape as rocks and stones are so readily available as a result of the retreat of the last Glacial Age. On Sundays, my greatest pleasure is biking along the country roads lined  with magnificent stone walls.

Below I share a few photographs I've taken over the years in my own garden as well as a few I took in a very special private garden in nearby Westchester County, NY. Two also from Provence and one fully half-way around the world in Malaysia.

A view of our most recently built stone wall

Wall near Les Bouries, Provence

This walled tree in Provence makes a great visual statement

A very small section of the stunning stacked flat stone walls
at the Four Seasons Resort & Spa on Langkawi, Malaysia. 
It took seven years to build all the walls of the Hotel's property.

Private Gardens in Westchester County estate

Peacock Gate detail from above

I love the simplicity of a weathered raw wood screened fence.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Opening party

It's "official"! Interieurs is open for business...

Interieurs is to me so much more than a business, it is the essence of who I am, my lifestyle, my passions, my taste. It is a place where designers, clients, meet, explore, get inspired..... Interieurs is a refection of my life, pure and simple, where my love for books, travel, design, art, nature, family are interpreted into furniture, lighting, accessories, with only one goal in mind: to add beauty, comfort and style to one's life. I am blessed to share everyday with my team...thank you Greg, Estera, Pat, Ania, Victor, be such support and motivate me on a daily basis to strive to be the best I can. I'm also deeply grateful for all my clients, who in their own way, have made Interieurs what it is today.

Interieurs Julien L shape Sofa 
and Antoine table. Globe chandelier

Interieurs Armande bed

Interieurs Stephane sofa with industrial mine cart and secretaire

Modenature daybed 

Interieurs Marcelle bamboo bed

Modenature Arche worktable and 
Michael McHale crystal chandelier

Audrey settee and Casalis poufs leading to the terrace

Italian outdoor furniture Collection

Opening Party

Jose Esteves with party guest

Lilliana Casabal owner and creative director of Morgane LeFay
Maribel Lieberman owner of the world famous MarieBelle Chocolates

Linda O'Keeffe and Antoine Bootz

The fabulous Selima Salaun of Selima Optique  

With Anita Sarsidi, editor Elle Decor, her
 husband Paul Dammkohler and Antoine Bootz

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Humble Retreat

Home..... my sanctuary.

What is "home"? I often asked myself this question. Is home the house where I  was born, where my parents still live in my small village of Clermont Dessous? Is it my house here in Connecticut, where for the past 18 years I have seen my sons grow up; my garden evolve? 

I believe that home is really my sanctuary where I find the true meaning of life and love, all within a few walls. I feel safe and at peace in my private cocoon, every object, every piece of furniture has a story, emotions are linked to every room, to every book on my bookshelves. I do not have personal photographs on walls or tables, as I do not need reminder of the past, home for me is the moment, the photo albums are in the library, personal treasures to be cherished and shared with close friends.

How does home relate to design? When designing for clients or myself, I operate from instinct, I need to know my clients, feel the space, and my role is to create an environment that will become  their sanctuary, their place of peace, beauty and warmth. Home is not about trends or fashion, it is about comfort, design; a home needs to have a soul.

My home has been published numerous times in national and international magazines and  books (latest in the new Conran book about green design). I often ask myself why,  as it is not nearly as sophisticated or as large as most houses I worked on.  I like to think that that my house just shows as what it is ... pure and simple ... a house with all its imperfections, its raw beauty, its life, a house with a soul if you will.

At Home Magazine recently published a story on my home which I am sharing with you, and I feel that they truly capture the inherent simplicity of what transforms a house into a true home. Thank you Amy, Stacey and Josh for including my humble home in your wonderful publication.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Interieurs Opening Party

It is finally happening!
The showroom is ready, the terrace with all its greenery, Jose's installation of unique lighting sculptures packed, ready to be flown over...
If you live in, or around New York, visiting, or just passing by...I hope that you can join me for our opening celebration. I feel that I know already so many blogging friends just from exchanging comments on design, meet you in person would be such an incredible treat!
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