Saturday, May 1, 2010

Interieurs Opening Party

It is finally happening!
The showroom is ready, the terrace with all its greenery, Jose's installation of unique lighting sculptures packed, ready to be flown over...
If you live in, or around New York, visiting, or just passing by...I hope that you can join me for our opening celebration. I feel that I know already so many blogging friends just from exchanging comments on design, meet you in person would be such an incredible treat!


  1. I am down here in the deep south dreaming of the city and your new location, oh how I wish I will be there in May. Who knows, it is still a couple weeks away. How can you sleep at night? It is so wonderful!

  2. Hi Francine!
    So thrilled for you! I know you'll take fabulous pictures so we can see the results of all your hard work. I'm so happy for you, what a great location in the CITY!!!!! Have a great time and I'll be there in spirit, with a spirited bankroll buying.....Maryanne XO

  3. Francine, so happy for you, darling. I really will send my friends over, George & Claudia. I'm certain you are in a tizzy, but I'm also sure the place is drop-dead gorgeous!! Cheers !

  4. Dear Francine,
    If only I lived nearby. I would be there in a heartbeat.
    I wish you every success and a wonderful opening. XXXX

  5. sweet francine.. if i could fly in i would... i will be at brimfield! so close...

    i am sooo happy for you and i am thrilled you have your gardening gloves on... relish every moment... you truly deserve it. xx

  6. Francine,
    I wish I could be at the opening!!
    I wish you lots of succes!

  7. Darn, I was going to be there, but am now in town on the 16 and 17th.

    Have lotsa fun...and congrats again!!


  8. Francine,
    Life is good, enjoy, enjoy! I, like all of your bloggy friends wish I could be there. I'm sure it will be a wonderful event.
    xo Lisa

  9. I wish you much success in your new location... and that your reception has a great turnout.

    Even though I won't be able to be there, you have done a fabulous job on your website and it makes me feel like I am almost there... apparently one of my clients thinks so as well. He loves the coffee table that I showed him from your collection and just yesterday told me he would like to have it for his living room.

    Have a great time and congratulations...

  10. Best of luck at the opening. I would really enjoy being there. Would enjoy seeing Esteves's work. have seen some of his lighting, looks beautiful. Will seek the LA location on my next trip down there. Again, Bon courage!

  11. Good Luck, I am sure it will be wonderful. Love the invitation.

  12. It would be one of those greatest moments to be there for your celebration Francine. If I win the lotto before the 12th I would fly all the above blogging admirers to help join in to wish you all the best for continued success in your stunning, exciting new space. It is with deep sincerity that I wish you an evening you'll never forget. I'm glad that you get to travel home to see your parents. I think often about your mother and wonder how she is doing?

    Looking forward to photos and news post-party. All my best to you x

  13. consider me there is heart and spirit!

    have a great time....xx

  14. Gee Francine.. if Deb wins the lotto I'm going to make her fly me in too!!! and I can celebrate my birthday also [day before]. How wonderful for you.. it looks incredible.. [prev post].. lovely calm feel to the space.. although I'm sure it will be anything but calm on the day...

    Best wishes for the big day/night .. and break a leg...

    [ps thanks for the truly lovely comment... i'm still blushing]

  15. Congratulations and best of luck!! Yet another reason to wish I was in NYC! Have fun!!

  16. oh lordie i'm so jealous! this looks fabulous. i'm so glad you like my feature on beth lipman, and thank you so much for the comments as always, they really do make my day. also, could you send me some info about your business/showroom... potential feature there i think... much love!

    xo urban flea


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