Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter retreat

Our house in Connecticut

Waking up to a red sunrise brightening a magnificent white landscape, birds on a feeding frenzy taking turns to the bird feeders, I could not dream of a more beautiful way to face the world.

 A room with a view... my beloved Pyrenees from our balcony

I just returned from the French Pyrenees where my parents spend the winter.Ever since I could walk, I have skied this beautiful mountain. I am now at a point of my life where I am contemplating making changes and I feel that the mountains give me strength, peace and joy. I love to climb them, ski down at full speed or deep in powder, spend the summer nights, hiking and sleeping under the stars. The search for our mountain retreat has officially started.I don't know where yet...France, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana... I listen to my instincts and will know when my heart will palpitate at a faster rate : This is the one!

My dream retreat is a rustic architecture with huge windows  and  a warm contemporary feel. I tend to stay away from all the trappings of the "expected" ski chalet...log construction, cutesy fabrics, endless amount of checkered or tartan pillows and fur blankets... I favor an interior that is ultimately inviting, comfortable, ready to have a house full of friends and children but that will not compete with the view

All the above images are from my Pinterest

Are you looking for a ski house? I would love to design it...

A Bientot,


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What is Challenging?

This note is to Marsha of Splenderosa who is "challenging" us to write out thoughts for  our monthly "By invitation Only" column

Dear Marsha:

I could write a novel about the challenges that everyone faces in life…. I could keep it light and entertaining by just looking at my own daily challenges. Most importantly my iPhone... had my new one stolen after 3 days... still cannot figure out my replacement one. Speaking of replacement, I am constantly searching for my phone, my glasses, my wallet and found myself at dinner parties with a pen tucked in my hair.

Survival challenges: I trekked across deserts, glaciers, the Himalayas, remote parts of the Borneo jungle, skied off steep ravines but yet could not find my way home, my sense of direction being so poor. My children are blessed with a father that feeds them as I cannot cook for my life and am not allowed near any coffee machines or other apparatus such as a vacuum cleaner.

But the greatest challenge, is the passing of time, the changes one must make in life, accepting the curve ball that life throws at you. I am not very good at this, terrible in fact and that is rather challenging!

A bientôt,

Monday, February 3, 2014

A relaxing spot with Genevieve Gorder of Dear Genevieve

With Genevieve Gorder, in my garden

I just flew back from France last night, having spent 3 days in Paris, attending the Maisons Show, going to great dinners with fabulous company. Found myself with barely enough cash to make it to the Pyrennees, having been pick pocketed in the Paris Metro…

I will share my take on the shows and jottings on my time skiing in the Pyrennees. I just woke up to a beautiful sky and watching the birds on the feeders, a feeling of spring overcame me, which reminded me of the couple of shows I did with Genevieve Gorder for ULIVE :THE WELL DESIGNED LIFE for the art of relaxing which I never shared with you. So much for being a self promoter….

Click HERE to see one of the videos. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did making it with Genevieve.

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