Monday, February 3, 2014

A relaxing spot with Genevieve Gorder of Dear Genevieve

With Genevieve Gorder, in my garden

I just flew back from France last night, having spent 3 days in Paris, attending the Maisons Show, going to great dinners with fabulous company. Found myself with barely enough cash to make it to the Pyrennees, having been pick pocketed in the Paris Metro…

I will share my take on the shows and jottings on my time skiing in the Pyrennees. I just woke up to a beautiful sky and watching the birds on the feeders, a feeling of spring overcame me, which reminded me of the couple of shows I did with Genevieve Gorder for ULIVE :THE WELL DESIGNED LIFE for the art of relaxing which I never shared with you. So much for being a self promoter….

Click HERE to see one of the videos. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did making it with Genevieve.


  1. Ah, this left me happy and sad. I adored the video and hearing your voice but oh am I sorry to hear that you were pick-pocketed. As much as you have travelled the world to have been robbed in France of all places! Very ironic. It just goes to show how very sneaky they are...
    Gros Bisous,
    PS. When are you coming back to Provence??

  2. Francine, I am SO jealous!
    And, so sorry for the pickpocket incident.
    Don't forget BIO tomorrow.

  3. Endroit merveilleux! et j'ai aussi remarqué ton haut gris perlé ou brodé. J'adore! désolée pour le vol. Ma soeur vient de se faire voler son porte monnaie au marché. elle est livide!!!It's only money comme dit un ami. Mais c'est très irritant tout de même...


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