Sunday, January 23, 2011

When in Vegas...

Off to Vegas on thursday to host a dinner party. Tao is generously sponsoring our event....dinner, conversation about design, the industry, meeting interesting people and then to party!

Tao is the most celebrated restaurant, nightclub and lounge, generating the highest  revenues in the country ! Celebrities dine, swim and party at Tao... regulars wait for hours for a glimpse of the Tao nightscene.

For now, I'm praying that the impending Nor'Easter snowstorm 
heading towards the East Coast doesn't shut down JFK.

More to follow....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A winter white tale...

We woke up to a perfect snowy magical land on the day after Christmas

I guess you may have figured out that I really love snow...
We left Connecticut, after a few grueling days trying to send our Christmas guests home (JFK had turned into crazy man land) and relentless shoveling, on to Whistler for some fantastic skiing...

I'll admit, you have to be a little nutty to ski by blizzard and total white out conditions...
but I would not miss it for the world!

Back from Whistler snow to find this ....fortunately, I was able to get back to work, but Luke had the privilege of shoveling our courtyard for 2 days...mumbling (for no good reason) as to why did he agree to a gravel courtyard which cannot be plowed.


I tried to convince him to fly for the week end to Quebec for a lovely romantic escape and rest from all the shoveling. I will not share his comments, but he basically thought that i had lost my mind...

James Bond in Die Another Day (

If James Bond can look so stylish in extreme cold, I see no reason to
 complain about the rather low temperature in the hotel.


At least James Bond had a lovely time, in the Sweden Ice Hotel

Doesn't this look incredibly romantic?

We can even bring some colorful furniture to warm up the space


Couldn't convince Luke or any of my friends to fly to Quebec or Sweden;
 these fabulous rooms could be a nice compromise.

image: Ssara Dorio


 image: Shutterstock

 image: Residence Decoration

image from: Residence Decoration

This bed will keep me warm while I dream of snow

Anyone ready for more snow?

64 days to spring

Friday, January 7, 2011

My favorites: A chalet in the French Alps

Les fermes de Marie
image:tablet hotels

I am indulging one of my great passions: skiing. I am in Whistler, B.C. which has been my favorite destination for years, great skiing, powder and steeps and when my knees can take it, throw in the most amazing tree runs and moguls... We are being pampered in the ultimate resort/hotel with ski concierge that carries your skis and dry your boots (that is the only privilege of being older). After all, I need to preserve my energy to race down the slopes with 20's something boarders and skiers. The hotel is absolutely perfect but lacks the European alpine atmosphere that makes a ski vacation such a memorable experience. Wished they would hire me to design the rooms! They do need a little creative help in the style and design department.

The ultimate refuge from the cold and real life can be experienced at the Megeve (France) hotel and chalets: Les Fermes de Marie.

Please have a seat in your favorite chair, coffee, tea or wine in hand and enjoy...

The perfect association of rough old materials and leather in subdued natural tones to create warmth and calm

The game room

The ultimate mountain dining experience

 Modest antique furnishings add to the cozy atmosphere

 Open kitchen

A spa with a view

And of course the skiing with the ultimate lunch stop...
All photos courtesy of Les Fermes de marie

Ready to start packing?

Tablet Hotels can take care of your reservation

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Taking Down the tree

Holidays passed and gone...I did not even send my wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... Not for a lack of trying... up in the morning at the wee hour, computer on my lap...and then...a new email expecting an immediate and urgent response, clients meetings, a tree to decorate, a meal to plan, my young cousin and her friends to attend to... worked late on New Years Eve, went home for our traditional fondue party, excused myself during our celebration to never return to the table. My guests (Thank God also my close friends) found me sound asleep on my bed.

So, this is a belated Happy New Year!

I never make resolutions for  New Year...I just have wishes and try to make them happen...I also reflect on the past year and give my thanks. Thank you for the most wonderful loving family which keeps me on my toes, especially my sons and their gang of friends with their various tribulations...(at least they maintain my spirit young), my friends, my business...this tough economy forces me to be alert and more creative than ever, and my clients who challenge me to think constantly outside of the box and allow me to live my passion for design...and my Interieurs team...I have great plans for all of us.

One wish though...I would love to meet my blogging friends and hope our paths will cross.

Now the fun to live my true passion.



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