Saturday, December 28, 2013

A White Affair..

Christmas passed... I reflect on a perfect, beautiful day.
Morning was hectic as we were in full preparation for our very late Christmas 5pm lunch.Our friends gathered in the kitchen, drinking fabulous Bordeaux Pomerol, while my husband was preparing his famous beef Wellington for 16 of us.

I enjoy arranging flowers and setting tables. I have a different design concept every year, and the table is an extension of the tree, gift wrapping and living room accessorizing.

This year, All is white...

A Bientôt,


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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Joyeux Noel!

Christmas is a joyful celebration, a moment in the year when I leave everything behind, the worries, the stress, the material things , the needs, and embrace the true meaning of Christmas… embrace your loved ones, reach out to friends and strangers, be generous of heart … 

My heart will be with my parents as I will quietly, reflectively think of them, and yes…probably shed a tear while singing to Silent night.

"Nous pensons très fort a vous"

Joyeux Noel!



Friday, December 20, 2013

Holidays Shine with Interieurs


Make Your Holidays Shine!

This winter at Interieurs, all that glitters is Gold, Brass & Bronze! Featuring our eclectic collection of bronze, brass and gold leaf furnishings, lighting and accessories as the perfect compliment to warm up any Contemporary, Industrial, Hamptons or Modern style home. Whether solid forged, finish detailing or leafed accents, these tones set trends this season in all areas of design. Stop by the showroom to view any of these featured items, visit our website or email for further information.
Stop by the showroom to view any of these featured items, visit our website or email for further information.
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Romo and Interieurs…a collaboration

 Romo window by Interieurs

Ever since Romo started to distribute their fabrics to the US, I have been relying on their luxurious, colorful, soft textiles. Romo is now one of the leading textile company with the most amazing talents designing, creating and weaving textiles.
I have developed a close working relationship with Romo, and this holiday season, Interieurs designed the Romo Holiday window, on view in the New York Design and Decorators Building entrance windows.

The purpose was to evocate a mental image of a winter wonderland…..

Please, stop by and  browse

The Romo team, drill in hand

 Jennifer  (Interieurs)  following instruction from Anthony…something wrong with this pic? us ladies are doing all the manual labor.. I need to mention that I basically flew from an all day stressful loft installation in Tribeca to the Romo window instal….Jennifer saved me as I ridiculously fell off the ladder...

Unveiling of the window. Jessica treated us all to some wonderful bubbly back in her Showroom

Welcome winter!

A Bientôt,


Monday, December 9, 2013

In the mood…for a little romance, dream and beauty

Quite a long title, but it indeed encompenses our unveiling of my Showroom INTERIEURS holiday windows and the latest Jose Esteves Show.

I could not have dreamed of a more festive, happy,beautiful party. Champagne flowing, editors, clients and friends talking and laughing into the night. Everyone chatting with Jose about his inspiration and work.

We transformed the showroom into a "cabinet de Curiosite" with webs and stars floating. Exhausted but thrilled, after the last guest and member of team Interieurs left, I closed the door, shut down the light, sat in my favorite chaise and closed my eyes. 2013 is almost over, the thrills, the pains, the worries, my african adventure, the constant fear of the unknown… is it really all worth it? Then I summoned all energy left in my body, YES it is! How lucky I am to have met creative brilliant kind talent such as Jose, my team…yes we bicker, yes I get upset and demanding, but we laugh (especially when I start dancing the twist to loud vintage rock music past 8pm… trying to crunch the last invoice) and I truly love everyone in my team, my work and the little moments of pure elation when we make a difference in our client's life by bringing beauty, peace and joy.


A Bientôt,

Happy Holidays!

xx Francine

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

By Invitation Only...Cocktail time!

It hard to believe, this will be our last "By invitation Only" group post of the year....
A toast to you Marsha, our inspiration behind our fun, caring, creative group.
"Bienvenue" to our cyber cocktail party.

In lieu of hosting a cocktail party in my home in Connecticut, I decided on a different Interieurs Atelier, my second home, a place of work and  inspiration where clients and friends meet.
Invitations are out..... the Showroom transformed into an intimate space with soft lights and candles glittering, champagne chilled, my favorite cocktail will be prepared and served by our faithful bartenders, canapés warming, music selected.

Most importantly, what should I wear? My dress will dictate the tone and mood of the environment . It has been a rather tasking year, so let's celebrate in style! Thankfully, I am very decisive and picked my dress in a can one go wrong with Chanel?

Red will set the tone.


Red roses

Center piece

I collect venetian glasses, love their jewel tones, unfortunately so fragile... 

My favorite cocktail

Vodka, passion fruit, fresh squeezed lime juice, sugar syrup and Champaign
Shake softly in a shaker all ingredients (except the champaign)
Serve in a flute and add champagne. Stir from top to bottom

A heart for every guest

Happy Holidays!
A bientôt,


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