Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paris, again....

Do you ever think..TIME FLIES..... It seems that I was just in France and off I have to go again. I do not want to seem blase...that is not the point. Mind you, I love Paris and France but there are times when I wished I did not have to set foot on a plane for a while. Ran out of my little anti stress pills, without which I do not think I could board a plane. For someone who lives between France (only child...parents living in Southwest of France) and New York,  and who loves to travel, works with French artisans, it is a curse to be so scared of flying....did I mention, I cannot sleep on planes.

Enough of my pointless whining. I always look forward to Maisons et Objets. I have been going for the past 15 plus years and used to import about ninety percent of my furniture from France. I moved all manufacturing to the States about three years ago after seeing the sad shape of small manufacturers in North Carolina. After all, I became a US citizen for a reason and will do anything I can to help local economy. I have, however, been faithful all these years to the wonderful and talented and dear friend Henry Becq of Modenature, Jose Esteves my favorite lighting designer...and will not miss an opportunity to meet them during the shows.

Maisons is also a wonderful way to look at furniture, form, colors, trends and styling, which I will be doing for two days, meetings, talking, looking, absorbing, taking notes and buying...

Which brings me to the point...let me know if you would like for me to take any specific notes that I would share with you.

Until then, Francine


  1. Have a wonderful and successful trip. Wish I was headed to Paris. I can relate to the plane fright because I'm not wild about flying either.
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  2. Francine - our worlds are so different but that is what makes knowing you (if only virtual) so wonderful. I am free of a fear to fly but am at present am grounded. Does not seem quite fair does it? But I've learned life is certainly not fair, if anything a bit comical.

    If I could sit next to you on that plane I would. I'd pack some stress pills on my carry-on! Paris for the show would be magical. Sending best wishes for safe travel. You will return to NYC with renewed enthusiasm, inspiration & perhaps new connections for 2011.

    xo Deb

  3. The flight is only a few hours...the memories and the discoveries will last forever, you are a brave girl. Have an easy flight and fill your blog with all your findings.Bon voyage, Francine.

  4. Hey Francine!!!!
    I am sorry I did not get the chance to hook up in NYC and see your beautiful gallery....... I was looking forward to it but things happened with my traveling companion that made it difficult......i hope you get a chance to hook up with the girls at Deux Magots.....Love to be a fly on that wall...... I will be there in Jan....Maryanne xso

  5. I wish I could join you! Have a lovely time and let us know if you discover amazing artisans.
    Wishing you a safe and joyous trip

    Je vous souhaite un bon voyage.


  6. Francine , I too cannot sleep on flights and always keep stress/ and anquiety pills around!!
    I will come along antime!

    Will look forward to you latest finds!

    Art by Karena

  7. Thank you for your comment on my blog! :) Looking forward to beautiful pictures from lovely France :) Wish You A Great Trip! XX Nicky

    PS. I hate flying too :)

  8. Paris ;) I have just come back from a short break in Paris and France... wrote some stories about my journey on my blog if you like to see what a Dutch woman interests are in Paris ;)

    I would love to go to Maison et objet.. we have something simulair end of september in Amsterdam!

    See you are on Face bok to, I have a page asell on FB since a week or so ;)

    Enjoy your stay in France.

  9. Have a wonderful trip .I can't wait to see your pictures of Paris

  10. Parents that live in the South of France? How great it that--I look forward to hearing about the show, I need to go one of these days!x

  11. Francine, I am so so sad I won't be able to meet you there! I was there two years ago and probably saw you, but unfortunately didn't know you yet. You must be looking forward to the show so much -- it's almost overwhelming at times, but so fun... as for the plane, I cannot sleep either, but take a new notebook each time, a few magazines, and hope for some great movies :)

    I cannot wait to hear about it! I am crossing my fingers to be able to go next year...


  12. I am lucky I sleep all the way. Started doing that because I could't smoke, Then I did needlepoint too. Just think how wonderful to land in PARIS. Have fun you are missing the Hurricane. yvonne

  13. Lucky you! Might I join you in spirit?????

  14. Dear Francine,
    Having just flown home from Italy, I am recently aquainted with flying. I actually love the feeling of flying. I love the take off, when you get to your position on the runway and the engines rev up and then within minutes, you are soaring above the fields and houses, and, for the same reasons, I love the landing BUT, it's the bit in between I find so boring !!!! ....and, our flight was only 2 hours !! Our flight home was a night flight and I saw Venice lit up and, it was the clearest of nights and London looked like a giant, twinkly spiders web. It was truly beautiful and a lovely end to our holiday. Our daughter gets on a plane, closes her eyes and only wakes up when the plane touches down in Australia !! That's a gift !! hehe.
    Just try and think of your wonderful destination of Paris and the great time you are going to have, Francine. Have fun and enjoy yourself.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Italy was beautiful but I love coming home. XXXX

  15. francine,
    do me a small favor
    and share all of it.


  16. What!! Somebody is actually manufacturing furniture in North Carolina? You need to call me! I could dial you right in to some amazing artisan manufacturers.
    All the Best,

  17. that sounds such a nice trip even if you are going to work... i hate planes too along with the whole airport ordeal... travel safely!

  18. Have a lovely trip - and my sympathies on the flying. I'm with you, no matter how excited I am about the destination, the flight sometimes makes it seem not quite worth it.

  19. Francine, Everyting you do and find is perfect for me.. I am awaiting all your news on FINDS and experiences.. yvonne

  20. Its a means to an end..right?Just relax and think about where your going..and enjoy!!!!

  21. Hi I have just found your it! Happy flight and may many wonderful things be coming your way! Peggy Braswell


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