Friday, September 10, 2010

Paris Furniture Fair: Maisons et Objets...trends


4AM, wide awake, back in my own bed, I am deciphering through hundreds of images from the shows, ideas, new things, colors, pieces I bought, new artists i will represent, then Paris, always amazingly beautiful Paris, my hotel, the magnificent Monet paintings, then on to the South, my beloved Villeneuve les Avignon, my work with Bernard for a containeur full of great industrial pieces, my last day of work at the Avignon "deballage" where the antique dealers buy from each other and finally two wonderful days...just breathing the pine scented air, spending time with my husband, parents, cousins in Vence , Mougins, visiting and falling in love with the little town of Cassis on the Medeteranean...did i say falling in love...i always seem to do so.

I will first share my impression of the specific trends that I observed at the Maisons et objets fair. I was having dinner with Monique who is a stylist and editor with Cote Sud and she noticed the same trend....ANIMAL is. Where ever I looked, my eyes fell upon some sort of animal life, would it be on textiles, ceramics, furniture, accessories and "curiosites"...

I could not resist to indulge in this trend and placed orders on a series of bird tray....
More trends to come in the next post.
Aurevoir, Francine


  1. Just beautiful. Love all of these, especially the elephant!
    Have a nice day.

  2. Oh Francine,
    It sounds as if you are having a wonderful time. Enjoying Paris and the beauty that is France with your family and then seeing all of the beautiful things at the Paris Furniture Fair. You must be on cloud nine.
    Enjoy thr rest of your time there and eat, drink and be merry !!!! XXXX

  3. Thanks for the update on Maison Objet. The booths set ups alone in that show are always inspiring. Enjoyed the animal form drawers and desk, and the elephant! I look forward to seeing what else you have found.

  4. so creative....
    and outrageous.

    the trays are a nice choice.


  5. Hello Francine: you sound recharged and happy. Being with all whom you love and surrounded by such beauty and home, it's what makes good times so great. Great fun to get a Maison Objet update. I am not surprised about this trend & I quite like it in moderation. I'll skip the Zebra head over my bed, but so many ways to incorporate this fun trend into a home. Whimsy is good!

    Looking forward to more news. Can't wait to see what industrial pieces you had shipped from Bernard.

    All my best, Deb x

  6. Truly amazing images. I find myself drawn to the trays...they are both bizarre and beautiful!

  7. Ahhh... sounds like you are having a lovely time. Animal trend.. really interesting... I love that look!
    Will you be bring some of these back... love the trays! absolutely gorgeous!


  8. My favorite would be the zebra. I love its simplicity. And it's not that big so it won't take a lot of space. Nice!

  9. Hi Francine~ I'm a first time visitor and love this great post! the animal theme is tres chic especially those gorgeous rabbit lamp~stands

  10. thanks for the pictures - i thought they didn't allow you to take pictures inside!!!

    F: thank you for your comment - you always leave the best ones!!!! thanks always.

  11. aaahhhh would love to have been with you... maybe january??? thank you for sharing all of the goodies with us...hope you are well... rest up sweetie... i am sure you are exhausted... xo pam

  12. Ahh, wonderful! I am so glad you are sharing photos of the show -- I feel like I am there :) Great inspiration, and oddly enough, we currently have "Franck " who is a pheasant, living in our library, atop the armoire :)

    Hope you had a wonderful time!


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