Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maisons et Objets: Trends part 2

Shelter was a current theme in many displays and  installations....seeking the ultimate refuge, anxiety about a very uncertain future, the demands of a virtual, global world, make us look for our very own cocoon. We need to create an environment in which we can let go of our defenses, be ourselves, invite our family and friends, treasure private times.
We can create such an environment through color, textures, nature, soft designs. We need to explore outside the standard and expected vignettes. Let's bring in the old and mix it with the new....experiment, be daring, after all this is your life, with its ups and your cocoon, your refuge.

This is what I would label as conceptual design....

I saw many different types of individual cabins, this being modeled after a gypsy's camper

A modern version of the mobile cabin

Wish I were  kid!!

I noticed a strong trend towards rich colors, daring palette of purples, reds, lime green with the occasional bright white, a touch of silver and gold

I have carried these merino wool throws in my fall color choices

Will be ordering the collection of beautifully handmade Italian ceramics by a young artist

Paola Navone, again this fall on display (soon in my showroom interieurs)

I ordered these bronze tables

loved the contrast of the japanese screen with the funky white cactus ceramics

Loved these plates designed by Paola Navone for Richard Ginori...very tempted to place an order

I met this artist and loved her work. I commissioned a series of sphere sculpture, including this piece

More to follow on outdoor furniture apologies for the rather poor quality of these images, but it is strictly forbidden to take photographs at the shows...I was yelled at quite a few times and pretended not to understand french...thanks for the I Phone, I was able to captures a few pics...


  1. Loved the artist sculptures and the Gypsy cabin is so sweet. That Japenese Screen is so nice I may paint that on my dining room wall this winter. Lovely post.


  2. Hi Francine
    Looks like you had a wonderful time.. I love all those little cabins.. especially the Gypsy Wagon.. although I like the child's playhouse too...

    Fabulous creativity... so glad you used your 'spy' camera to share with us!! xxx Julie

  3. love those bronze tables!
    It all looks so fabulous!


  4. Amazing. Love the cabins! The throws are absolutely gorgeous. I never had a treehouse as beautiful as that one.
    Have a nice day,

  5. You are sneaky! I love it + thank you for sharing part 2 :) Truthfully, I adore it all... the caravan, the bronze tables, the handmade ceramics, everything! Right now, I would love one of those luxurious throws --


  6. Hi Francine,
    It would have been lovely to have met you but know it was a fast and furious trip for you. We were a bit sneaky with our cameras as well and it is great to relive the show through your clever eyes. Especially that cabin which I missed. Just as well, I would have snuggled in for a mid-day nap. Hopefully we can catch up during another show and thank you for your comments while in Paris. Enjoy planning all your new and fabulous product.

  7. I'm sorry we didn't meet up in Paris but it looks like you covered a lot of ground! I loved this post and saw lots of things here that I didn't at the Maison! Just goes to show you how much is there and no one can see it all!

  8. wow these are all amazing pieces! i love the japanese screen with the white cactuses!


  9. love so many of those pieces it's hard to pick a favorite one...

  10. Would love a gypsy caravan for the guests. Perfect. Carla

  11. Thanks for all the "sneaky" insider pics! Those bronze tables are my favorite, but there are so many great things here!

  12. Francine,
    It was interesting to read about the sheltering theme at M&O. I wasn't there this time, so it is so nice to see and to hear about it on other blogs!
    Francine, I just love that ceramic from that Italian artist! Are there any dealers in Belgium you might think? I loooovvveee it!

  13. Yes thank you for breaking the rules so we could see all these marvelous finds. I adore the Paola Navone settee, the handmade pottery, even drawn to the candelabra with the chicken-wire! I look forward to see what pieces you order to fill your showroom. It's going to be great I know it.

    Hope your having a good week? My daughter Kate told me to tell you that she's interested in meeting a nice blond man! She was wishing Portland, OR was not so far away.

    Cheers Francine xo

  14. ooohhhh you and i would have some fun... maybe someday we can meet there... we have such similar tastes and i am always sneaking photos... he he xx


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