Sunday, October 13, 2013

While in Paris...

I just received an email from my dear friend  and fabulous artist, Jose Esteves, with pictures of his latest designs for the world renowned Pierre Gagnaire's latest restaurant. It befits perfectly that I should write about the sanctum of extraordinary culinary experiences, after my post on secrets of good health

Jose Esteves lighting creations have been the focus of our unique, creative lighting collections for the past seven or eight years. All creative juices are at their best when Carolyn Quatermaine, stylist extraordinaire, has free reign of a project. If in Paris treat yourself: Pierre Gagnaire, 6 Rue Balzac Paris 8eme. If Interieurs were a restaurant in lieu of a Showroom, this would be it!


All above photos by Pierre Gagnaire

Jose at work

More of Jose's work on

A Bientôt,


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  1. Each & every time you've posted Jose's designs I've loved them. His lighting for this gorgeous restaurant is the frosting on the cake. If in Paris it'd be a thrill to stop in. Wishing you a lovely Sunday Francine.

    All my best to you
    x Deb

  2. Hi Francine, what a gorgeous space! Wow love it....talented man. Hope you are well:)

  3. The pole lamps create a sense of intimacy at each table. Love the designs.

  4. Bonsoir Francine, Hope that you are well. The restaurant is stunning and I did the same with book pages at French Boyfriend's house a while ago which I think look fabulous.

    à très bientot, Leeann

  5. Bon Jour Francine, Je suis heureuse de vous voir! I lost track of your blog for awhile and was pleased to be reminded of you by the Hampton Hostess this morning. This restaurant is so wonderful, I love the subtle details like the pages {from cookbooks?} on the walls and the bright green splash of the fern on the tables. I hope you and your mother are both feeling better, I loved your previous post on wellness. I am putting you on my blogroll so I can stay up to date on your adventures. Bon Weekend.

  6. Extraordinaire
    This is fascinating, love the whole concept. yvonne

  7. Thank you so much Francine for you kind words about the loss of my dog. It was awfully difficult but knowing that time is the greatest healer I am waiting patiently.
    He was such a loving soul and I am missing his presence. I know you understand:)
    Enjoy your Sunday…..Sherry

  8. A stunning collection Francine. Bravo Jose!

    The Arts by Karena


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