Monday, January 4, 2010

Mountain Retreats

As a child I spent many months in the Pyrenees, a beautiful mountain range between France and Spain.

Upon my Doctor's order, the treatment for my anemic state was to live at altitude. As a result, I developed a deep love for mountains, snow, brisk cold weather and most of all skiing.

I was commissioned by a client to design her ski house out west. I was thrilled at the prospect of working in my favorite environment. We started the project in September and our installation took place during a massive snow storm just before Christmas of the following year.

Here are some images that reflect my thoughts and vision for the ultimate ski house and mountain retreat.

Stone and hewed wood beam construction

Soaring ceilings with wood beams and wide plank flooring

My client's entrance foyer

AD Italia; No 343 Dec. 2009

AD Italia; No 343 Dec. 2009

Elle Decor Italia; No 12 Dec 2009

Living rooms with a warm inviting fireplace

Antique leather Club Chair with cashmere throws
to wrap oneself upon return from the slopes

Maisons Cote Est; No 46. Dec-March 2009

AD Italia; No 343 Dec. 2009
Hotel Les Fermes de Marie, Megeves, France

A must: Iron hand-made lighting by Jose Esteves,
exclusively at Interieurs, cast the warmest light

Unexpected industrial touches will help create a warm rugged
feel to the space all while being extremely functional

A large dining table for fondue parties and other great mountain meals

I designed this custom table with reclaimed
teak top and a cast iron base

Elle Decor Italia; No 12 Dec 2009

Found on Internet; source unknown

Some of the great unique industrial dining tables we offer at Interieurs

Bedroom Sanctuary

We incorporated reclaimed barn planks into
the walls of this loft bedroom suite

A Master Bedroom ...

... with its own fireplace

A guest room option: Interieurs' Armande bed

AD Italia; No 343 Dec. 2009

Found on Internet; Source unknown

A must for any bedroom: A welcoming armchair
with soft throws and pillows (from Interieurs)

A small industrial desk for those short notes to friends

Coffee nook in the guest suite


  1. Great and timely post. Looks like a beautiful project. Congrats. There is an amazing book on houses in the Engaden that have been refurbished in a modern and very brave way that you should see, very inspiring. Loved the Italia pics too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments.

  2. So fun to see some of your pieces in context. Loved the photos of your work and the inspiration. A mountain home can pull off the lodgey-inviting-warm living room with fireplace better than any other type of property, IMHO. The stone, wood, metal- just gorgeous!

  3. Wow gorgeous! And that stone fireplace is amazing, as well as the bedrooms!! You are so talented!

  4. cote est is my favorite magazine so of course when i saw this i was instantly enthralled... i love these images... such a brilliant post. x pam

  5. This is a great place! The use of materials and lighting is fantastic...

    Oddly enough, much of the coast of B.C has places with this very same style! It is such a warm, comforting and inviting look.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments, Francine. I always look forward to your posts -- they are special, informative, and unique.

    xo, Sarah

  6. This is my favorite style...I mean I love modern, but this is comfort to me :) Sarah, I thought it looked much like Whistler as well!

    Very best Francine,

  7. I really appreciate that you choose not the cliche' cabin design. Your choices were stunning; the mixture of modern, industrial, natural, is what make those rooms remarkable and timeless. My imagination runs wild. Such a terrific post. I only wish I had a home at Big Bear in Montana for you to design. Ohhh..the possibilities.
    I am hoping you and your beautiful family had a memorable holiday and your 2010 is off to a terrific start? I think about your mother and hope she is better with each week that passes.
    Thank you for always leaving me encouraging, thoughtful messages. It is incredibly appreciated Francine. All my best to you, x deb

  8. Francine,
    Congratulations with your beautiful work!!! Stunning!You are so talented!
    I am so glad to have discovered your blog!
    I hope we keep contact!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  9. Wow! Now you've got me dreaming of ski trips and mountain lodges. This is a beautiful post! What a fun project this most have been. Thanks for sharing it!

    Happy Weekend,

  10. Hello Francine,

    So glad to hear you will be at Maison et Objet. If you'd like to join us for our bloggers get together please send your contact information to me at and I will forward you the specifics. I'd love to meet you in person!


  11. i too love the industrial design pieces.
    they add that 'something' special to a room.
    whether they are meant to break up a heavy feeling that is beginning to develop in a room, or adding interest and whimsy.
    i just what these pieces can do.


  12. Francine, this is an incredible post - I was in Colorado over Christmas, at my in-laws mountain retreat, and there is something so beautiful and exquisite about the mountains. I prefer going there in the summer, though - my years in the South has caused a dislike for the cold!

    I had no idea about this blog. I adore your comments on my posts - I learn something from every one (and this last one was a great comment). I am adding you to the blogroll right now!

  13. what a stunning post! i just adore those wood plank ceilings... so happy to have come across your gorgeous blog, thank you so much for the comment over at urban flea, they really do make my day! cheers!

    xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

  14. Wow! After living in Denver for 12 years and doing the ski lodge thing I thought uh, ok. But this is great! I really mean it this is ski luxury the new not overdone luxurious "lodge" I just loved it! I'm signing on as a follower youare obviously very talented! Maryanne

  15. Wonderful blog, just found it via Laura Casey Interiors blog. Can't wait to view more posts as time goes on. Best wishes in the new year.

  16. Hi Francine, these spaces are amazing and so are your gorgeous tables...I would so love to visit your shop! Hope to see you in Paris! Tracey xx

  17. The photo's here are just amazing, so inspirational.

  18. Sorry I haven't stopped by.
    Happy New Year
    Great post


  19. Francine, what beautiful images. I love your approach to rustic, mountain living. It' s natural, relevant and design driven...what's not to like?! Still waiting to hear about that trip to Bordeaux;) I bet we could get together a great little the way, Deb from Dumbwit Teller posted on you, your work and blog today!


  20. Would you mind emailing me @ I have a question for you and am unable to locate your email.


  21. Francine, just a quick note to let you know that as I enjoy reading your blog so much I have tagged you with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Please reveal seven things about yourself and then pass the award along to seven more creative bloggers.
    Look forward to reading many more of your wonderful posts in 2010!

  22. Wow! I would love to stay in this place! You are very talented, thanks for sharing this place.

  23. I adore log homes and cabins. Love what you did with the cozy bedroom that had the wood planks on the wall. Can't get enough of those large fireplaces!

    Karen O.

  24. Exciting, and Inspiring. Fantastic
    designs. Taking a second look. You must have had a wonderful trip. I am going out for Goat cheese right now...


  25. The last picture looks great! Love this industrial look. and picture: AD Italia No 343 Dec 2009

    Beautiful blog ...


  26. I spent 12 years in Aspen in the 60's and 70's and whenever I see pictures like this, cabins in the snowy mountains, it makes me want to go back.
    Love it!


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