Thursday, December 31, 2009


Long ago I gave up fantasies of keeping any New Year resolutions.

I just...

Keep loving

my life... my boys, Alexander and Hadrian

my husband Luke

my mom and dad

Luke's Mom

Keep dreaming...

Photo by Chris Noble © 2007 High Ground Productions, LLC

Always looking for the powdery steeps.

Dream of making it to the top...

Live every day

fully... look around... smile at life... treasure the gifts of nature

one day at a time

Northern Lights in Iceland

Bonne Annee
welcome 2010


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your loved ones. While I am a boarder and not a skier, I still loved the I have never boarded downhill on a mountain of such incline, lol....feeling a bit inadequate right about now;) Happy New Years love!


  2. Francine - Can't see my computer keys through the tears in my eyes. This is a beautiful post and as you probably know it struck a deep chord in my soul. The photos of you with your sons, your husband, and then the photo of your dear parents and mother-in-law; well, all just magnificent. Your parents remind me so much of mine. I can't being to express my gratitude for your support over the last months. It has meant the world to me. We got news yesterday that mother in law is in a U.K. hospital with the diagnosis of stomach cancer. Not sure how much a family is suppose to endure, but I know that god has a bigger plan. Hard to understand through the sorrow. Your post helps me appreciate and confirm the joys in life. You are a beautiful person and I'm thankful we've connected. Wishing you and your family great joy and love in this New Year. Ring in 2010 with great abandon and joy xx deb
    P.S. - now I want to go skiing!

  3. What a lovely post, Francine! And so fun to celebrate the great family in your life. I hope you have a warm, happy New Years and lots of love, happiness and success throughout the new year.

  4. What great photos of you and your family! Hope you have a fabulous New Years!

  5. F,
    what a lovely family you have!!!

    i love to ski. it looks like a fabulous holiday.
    xxxx happy new year

  6. I think you have discovered the perfect solution to the unkept resolution.

    Your family is lovely.

  7. Beautiful post and I loved seeing your family!
    Happy New Year!

  8. I love this :) These are the kinds of things that inspire me (not resolutions). You look very happy - thank you for sharing these images with us!


  9. I love your photos, your family looks so happy.

  10. Fabulous family pics... enjoy and wish you the best for the new year!!!


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