Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring is the air...

 Zoe sectional sofa part of Interieurs Collection

TGIF... a hellish week, one to keep for the records and almost threw me over the edge! manufacturers messing up and costing us our favorite client, clients trying to protect themselves by pretending we placed the wrong orders, late deliveries, freezing cold, store completely hidden under a gigantic scaffolding that was meant to be erect on a different street... can't get the city to remove it...

I am in a mood for spring, this setting goes back to 3 years ago, when we first set up our new showroom, relocating from Tribeca. I always loved this sofa and am thinking or re- bringing it to the Showroom. I would love to hear your comments (don't be afraid to be brutally honest) do you like the line, the modernity of this sectional?

Happy week end,


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  1. I think that the sofa is lovely and would fit into any style of interior but, I'm sure that you are far better qualified that me to know about that Francine !!
    We had a taste of Spring last week with clear blue skies and slightly warmer temperatures but today is absolutely FREEZING with the promise of some snow flurries !!!! Never mind, Spring isn't too far away.
    Hope that you have a better time of it at work starting next week. XXXX

  2. I like it Francine... but then I do love a very contemporary sofa with a mixture of antique/vintage and slightly shabby... to me, the eclectic nature of a decor gives it the charm...

    Have a restful weekend... xv

  3. But, you already know I love your work. I love the sleekness of this look, and by adding those tall glass pieces it warms it up so much. I would probably have to have a large contemporary canvas over the sofa, that's all.

  4. Francine-
    It is a little modern for me, but it is beautiful. The entire room is gorgeous!
    Hope that the weekend brings better days.

  5. RE your hellish are preaching to the choir here...I feel like since the economy went south...everyone has an excuse for why things are not being sent out on time etc....I feel your pain!!
    this post touched my vein today! But your posts are always lovely on a more positive note!

  6. Poor you Francine.....don't worry, we have all had working weeks like this! Do hope you are having a more restful week. Love the grey velvet sofa.......the entire scheme!


  7. Sorry you had such a rough week. Hope things are going a little bit smoother for you now. xo

  8. I am sorry to hear ou were having such a rough week! I feel your pain and I hope things are going better! It makes it hard to remember why we do this in the first place. I love the sectional too....


  9. Francine I love it!
    The pillows and throw also bring the room to life, along with the art and glass collection!

    Art by Karena

  10. It's the Domino efffect......Why is is when things go wrong it happens to one client the nice one...........Sorry for the roough week sweetie, I have been there......... But Spring is here and you are busy snow will go away soon;) Maryanne xo

  11. Oh No I forgot I love that room!!!!!!!!!!!!Really,
    the candlesticks on the table are darling and the
    pillows and drumshade just make it........Maryannexo


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