Sunday, February 10, 2013


Charming Ski town of Saint Lary Soulan in the Pyrennees, my second home

My oldest memory is a vague image of myself, wearing a hand knit red sweater, a big grin on my face and small wooden skies on my might be an  actual memory or some recollection of an old photograph. I always dreamed of being snowbound, crying (even as an adult) when the moment came  to turn my back to the mountains and return to school or later in life, to work. I was snow bound for a full week in my college, Babson College, outside of Boston during the most extraordinary snowstorm! Loved every moment of it as I had great food reserve (packages were sent from France on a regular basis by my parents) and skis. I skied out of my second floor room to my friend's dorm at Wellesley college. To this day, I still feel the stillness of the air, the soundless, pure white landscape.

Paris under the snow is a rare and beautiful event. Earlier in january,I left Paris to meet my parents in the Pyrenees for some relaxation time,  skiing and nice evenings chatting by the fireplace.
I woke up to 6 feet of snow ...a dream... a few lifts were open..the french ski resorts are a little more lax than our US counterpart when it comes to safety. Needless to say I was off, in fierce winds, total white out, and deep powder. Heart pumping, lost in the unforgiving landscape, I forgot all the worries and stress of work and life that keep me up at night, to focus on a single task: avoid avalanches, listen for sounds and ski. Made it down the mountain to find out that the slopes were actually closed, the tram shut down and the only road shut down by avalanches. SNOWBOUND!

giving my dad moral support

 The Pyrenees, steep mountain range between France and Spain

I woke up yesterday morning to this magical landscape. In my pjs and slippers, I grabbed my camera to capture the moment. I rushed to the attic to get my Xcountry skis, snow pants and off I went to our woods... blissfull hours, alone in deep snow , skiing along the river, up the hills, following deer footprints...

My dogs are not too keen on the snow..trying to convince how fun it is to play in the snow

I am off for some Xcoutry skiing...

A Bientôt,



  1. Francine ma chère!

    I am correct in remembering that you are French, n'est-ce pas? I want to thank you for coming to visit my post. I see that your grandmother's name was Marcelle; a name quite French. She passed at 103? My paternal grandmother died at 102, walking to church in Mexico City!

    The Pyrenenees is a destination on my list. I was in France for my language studies but never made it that far south. My father's ancestors came from the North of Spain and I have always been curious about that part of my heritage. What a lovely place, and the snow is indeed a magical event, anywhere. We are having a bit of a flurry today, but not as much as the northeast is! I lived in Mass. while my husband studied at Boston University. I started my academic career there at Salem State and then transferred to the Univ. of Minnesota where we now live.

    This was a most enjoyable visit ma belle! Bises, Anita

  2. Your photos are absolutely beautiful Francine. I love your home--there in a soft blanket of snow--its looks so charming and romantic. Hope you are having a fabulous day! xBarbara

  3. Francine, These photo's are beautiful. I also love to go out and look for deer tracks. We are getting dug out. the blizzard has covered the windows and doors, The snow is almost to the top of the window, The weight of the snow 5 feet hig againist the door makes it impossible to open. Thank God for Telephones. All and all the snow is beautiful.


  4. These pictures are amazingly beautiful. We have the same crazy snow over this way! Enjoy it.....glad the pooches are:)

  5. Wow! looks absolutely gorgeous. I only know the Pyrenees from the Spanish side.
    We have snow now in the UK, but it doesn't look as gorgeous as your images ;-)

  6. Between Lisa @ Privilege & your post today I am captivated with your descriptions and the exhilaration of life you feel. And, yes, the photos are beautifully evocative. Love the pic of your dad!! Sending love...

  7. These pics make me envy....Enjoy and take care.

  8. Beautiful photos Francine.....I adore the snow too.....definitely a winter baby! The stillness, the quiet - I find it magical. We were in the French Alps at Christmas whilst visiting our daughter who is working as a private chef for the season in a very beautiful chalet. We had the most perfect powder snow and sunshine most days - I was in my element and didn't want to leave! My husband and my dream is to spend a large part of our retirement in the mountains one day - it makes us feel so well and alive and will hopefully keep us youthful?! We have a little snow here in Kent today......enjoy your XCountry skiing!


  9. Beautiful memories and scenes. Here our drought continues and we miss our usual snowfall....

  10. I adore the photo of you and your father; what wonderful memories. Like you, I love snow. To wake up to 6ft. would have been amazing. I hope both you and your pups had some great fun frolicking in the snow?

    x Deb

  11. looks lovely.
    i love the snow...
    it was crazy deep here in maine.

    hope all is well


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