Friday, January 7, 2011

My favorites: A chalet in the French Alps

Les fermes de Marie
image:tablet hotels

I am indulging one of my great passions: skiing. I am in Whistler, B.C. which has been my favorite destination for years, great skiing, powder and steeps and when my knees can take it, throw in the most amazing tree runs and moguls... We are being pampered in the ultimate resort/hotel with ski concierge that carries your skis and dry your boots (that is the only privilege of being older). After all, I need to preserve my energy to race down the slopes with 20's something boarders and skiers. The hotel is absolutely perfect but lacks the European alpine atmosphere that makes a ski vacation such a memorable experience. Wished they would hire me to design the rooms! They do need a little creative help in the style and design department.

The ultimate refuge from the cold and real life can be experienced at the Megeve (France) hotel and chalets: Les Fermes de Marie.

Please have a seat in your favorite chair, coffee, tea or wine in hand and enjoy...

The perfect association of rough old materials and leather in subdued natural tones to create warmth and calm

The game room

The ultimate mountain dining experience

 Modest antique furnishings add to the cozy atmosphere

 Open kitchen

A spa with a view

And of course the skiing with the ultimate lunch stop...
All photos courtesy of Les Fermes de marie

Ready to start packing?

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  1. This is the epitome of rustic beauty! Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.Teresa

  2. You are so close, yet so far away...enjoy your time in BC...I agree, most hotel rooms need serious help, and this chalet is perfect to draw inspiration from!! The nature girl in me adores it...appropriate is the word :)


  3. The pictures of Les Fermes de Marie are gorgeous, they remind me of a lodge my family and I used to stay at around Christmas time every year. Guess I'd better add that place to my bucket list! :)

  4. Oh, how fun! (You are close-ish to where I live)

    Have a wonderful time in Whistler, my friend. It is certainly beautiful, though perhaps not as beautiful as the images you show, above. Such a stunning place to stay at. I think my bags could be packed within minutes and a flight arranged just after :)

    Wishing you a fabulous start to the brand new year. I look forward to sharing in more inspiration with you this year -- you are so talented.


  5. I hope you are having a great trip! These pictures are absolutely stunning. Just beautiful. Happy, Happy New Year! Hope you are doing well.

  6. I think that head board is worth knocking off. It is so perfectly different and elegant. You do take the best trips in the blogosphere!!

  7. I am more than ready to pack my bags. I have not snow skied since the late 70's. I loved it. What a breath taking Chalet. A setting dreams are made of.
    My younger brother ski's Whistler quite a bit. Loves to Heli-ski. Have you ever skied in Montana Francine?

  8. Love this post as Jocelyne is my favourite interior designer. I adore all the properties that she has worked on and her book is one of the most read books on my bookshelf :-)

    Leeann x

  9. Wow! Beautiful! For us its strictly day we will make it to Whistler when my children are a bit older! Enjoy!

  10. oh thanks for sharing such a lovely country house images, hope you have a great time in whistler, my dear husband has been there and says its great !!

  11. Francine - This is the place I have always wanted to go!! I can't remember how I discovered it but I have had it bookmarked for years!! I almost included it when I did my white post that had a bit about Megeve but it somehow headed in a different direction. I assume you have been there? I can't tell you how much I adore this - I think even I could become a better skier here!!

  12. I hope my inspiration words gave you energy through your first day at work ;)) /Marie

  13. WOW! Love the Bedrooms!It looks so tranquil and Fabulous rustic beauty!Great Blog indeed!

  14. so jealous you are in such a beautiful place... enjoy your time there!

  15. I grew up in Colorado and skiing was a weekly event for us. Now that I'm in Texas I do miss it. Thanks for the reminder and the fabulous eye candy!
    Enjoy your getaway.

  16. Francine such a treat and a fabulous getaway!!

    Come and join my Giveaway from Blydesign!

    Art by Karena

  17. stunningly beautiful!
    I've been to Whistler and it is a very special place on this earth!

    happy weekend.

  18. Love skiing, never skiied (sp?) Whistler but just south in Oregon... fabulous post. And Les Fermes de Marie just looks wonderful, is that alpaca on that club chair?

    You make winter look wonderful, Francine! Enjoy!


  19. heavenly... we stay aat a darling spot in vail where the owner is from there... he has brought that exquisite charm to america... but oh would l love to be looks and sounds amazing... rest well friend...xx

  20. Hi Francine
    This chalet is wonderful.. reminds of one I saw in Veranda magazine many years ago.. makes you want to jump on a plane for sure..

    You know I haven't been skiing for 20 years.. doubt my knees could take the beginners runs.. haha..

    Have a great time .. and thanks so much for you lovely comment.. ciao xxx Julie

  21. This looks so wonderful, I have been to BC
    never whistler, sorry I didn't see it.
    Be safe and stay warm. yvonne

  22. Love the photos of the chalet... very inviting... hot toddy anyone?

  23. Stunning! I don't ski but would be more than thrilled to curl up there with a good book and some hot cocoa!! xo

  24. what a fabulous 'hide a way.'
    and i would love to hide a way there for about a month.
    it is divine.



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