Sunday, January 23, 2011

When in Vegas...

Off to Vegas on thursday to host a dinner party. Tao is generously sponsoring our event....dinner, conversation about design, the industry, meeting interesting people and then to party!

Tao is the most celebrated restaurant, nightclub and lounge, generating the highest  revenues in the country ! Celebrities dine, swim and party at Tao... regulars wait for hours for a glimpse of the Tao nightscene.

For now, I'm praying that the impending Nor'Easter snowstorm 
heading towards the East Coast doesn't shut down JFK.

More to follow....


  1. Oh No!! Not another storm. Damn, enough of this stuff. I am so excited for you Francine, what a hot looking place and you are the host. I will pray the storm doesn't hit NYC. Much success
    and have fun.


  2. ooohhh how fun would this be! and i was hoping to see you in nyc!
    2 ships passing in the night... xoxo

  3. WOW Francine, how fabulous and glamourous !!!! Tao looks the perfect venue too.We have been to Vegas four times and loved every minute of our time spent there. It was a while ago now and there have been so many more hotels built since we went. I wish you the most successful time and have lots of fun.I just wish that Las Vegas wasn't quite so far from London !!!! xxxx

  4. Whoa! Beautiful, Francine.
    Hope the snow doesn't delay your plans.

  5. Oh, dammit, Francine...I have another party to attend in Houston & I cannot come to yours !!
    Come see my post, I've chosen a Dior Haute Couture outfit for you...
    Sending love, dear friend.

  6. the chinese orange / red canopies by the pool are fabulous.
    looks like fun.


  7. I was in Las Vegas for the furniture show. I would've loved to meet you. This looks like it was a fun dinner party!
    Susan : )


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