Monday, November 4, 2013

A Pinterest sale

If you happen to be in New York City, you may notice the word SALE on store window after store window. New York has really been suffering from retail depression. Being in the center of New York design district, facing store windows with "Going out of business Sale", "Grand opening Sale",can really be depressing, especially when business is on the more "morose" side. Time for a  FLOOR MOVE ! These two words, floor move, mean floor planning, bringing furniture in from the warehouse, moving furniture, re -arranging, changing our mind, this armoire (300 plus pounds) goes looks out of place, back downstairs... keeping in mind our furniture is not lightweight, heavy steel, solid wood, large sofas, tables, buffet. Finally we have a plan that works, enhancing the mood and lines of the furniture, showing the possibilities of beautifully appointed eclectic rooms. At that point, we are starved, no time to eat, exhausted and our backs are wrecked... Movers gone, we now need to "merchandise". Pacing back and forth, throws piled up, lamps and accessories on tables, we must create  a visual that is both enticing and yet restrained. The goal is not to pile up accessories on tables as in a table tops show, but present each piece as a unique important and curated object. this is actually the most challenging part of the day's turmoil...late into the evening, exhausted to the point of not wanting to move a muscle any more, we take one last look...This was worth it! the showroom feels revived, welcoming the fall and winter to come with its warm soothing tones, its soft thick cashmere throws and pillows, Chaises and sofas to nap or read..warm glow of handmade lamps .

Now time to advertise our SALE to our clients, no huge sign on the window, simply an email blast with a link to our Pinterest flash sale board. I am border line addicted to Pinterest and actually use the secret boards to collect inspirations for my clients... We worked on a secret board with all items on sale with description and pricing and made it live yesterday. Clients called, came in, kept commenting how beautiful the showroom is and...YES, they did buy!

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1 comment:

  1. Francine, it's bad in Maine also and forget Florida.
    Everyone is anxious about the economy
    and next year. Congratulations on the sales.
    I have been watching the Selfridge story on PBS.
    Retail is a killer. Get some rest, take it easy
    you don't want to get run down, and get the flu.
    I have it a week now.


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