Tuesday, November 5, 2013

By Invitation Only - Guest Post - Luke Gardner

I think this is my second ever post on Francine's blog. I try hard to keep my nose out of here so that my more to the point and all too often lawyerly style doesn't contaminate Francine's more romantic and evocative prose. But I was drafted into it, so if this post is lacking, you know who to complain to. 

As it happens, Francine is attending the Leaders in Design Conference this week in New York. Events are so tightly scheduled during this conference that we thought it might be best if Francine camped in town for the duration so she's staying with her dear college friend Michelle while I hold down the fort here in Connecticut.

Now to the meat of this post. Recently, both Francine and I have taken to trying to capture the play of light at different times of day. Fall light tends to be clean strong light that burns in low from just above the horizon. The durational effects of early morning Fall light come and go in mere minutes and the same scene photographed just two or three minutes apart can often yield quite a different image.

Here's a shot I took just this morning in our hallway:

 Camera: iPhone 5s (High Dynamic Range mode)

Same as above, processed through NIK Software's
Color Effects Pro (Bleach Bypass) Filter

I really like both of the images, but the second processed file makes for a far more dramatic photograph.

Some images just work better in B&W, while others, like Francine's "Waking Up" image from this past Sunday's post, demand full color presentation to get its message across.

Hope you enjoyed my post....

Au revoir,



  1. Luc,
    Your photography and prose are absolutely blog worthy. Your beautiful and talented wife has given you a wonderful platform here at Art de Vivre to share your thoughts. Hope you'll visit again soon!
    All the best to you, Francine, and your family.

  2. A brilliant study in light and shade Luc ..... the second one has a ' '50's Hollywood film ' feel to it ! It's amazing what different light can do for a photograph, isn't it ? ..... the light in Italy at around 5.00 p.m is AMAZING.
    Thanks for a lovely post. XXXX

  3. You know what, I learned something here today, Luc. I most definitely prefer the 1st shot as it is softer to my eye, but understand what you are saying. My son, the commercial photographer, is always talking about the "light." Come on over to my place and see what he presented to us today.
    I absolutely adore Francine, so I will adore you too. You are a champion taking on this task for us girls of "By Invitation Only." You are a member now !!

  4. WOW...slaves to the light I see....chasing it with the camera... I can so truly relate...makes me think of the saying...." An artist has a life time to capture a moment, but a photographer has just a moment to capture the images of a life time" Bravo! Veronica xx

  5. Wasn't it Monet that spent his life studying light.

    Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

    - Claude Monet

  6. Hello Luc,
    Your 'lawyerly style' did no such thing as contaminate Francine's lovely blog! As a person that is fascinated with photography, the relationship between the image, the lens & how light plays with what's captured, I found your photos fascinating. The second picture reminded me of a movie frame from an old black and white movie.

    My best to you and Francine!

  7. Very much so Luc! I admire great photography and these images are truly phenomenal.! Bravo!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. Lovely shots... the light is beautiful in all three... but the colour is my favourite... xv

  9. I hope Francine has a wonderful time, wish I was there. The photo's are grear, I love the drama of black and white movies, love those shadows.. yvonne

  10. I love watching the light shift and shape across the seasons. Merci pour ces belles photos. And lawyerly style? If so, I love it! Makes a fine counterpoint to Francine's writing.
    My Best to you Both from Provence,

  11. Thanks for pinning the door in Eze. It brought back happy memories of the day I spent there and the fabulous lunch al fresco we had overlooking the Mediterranean on a perfectly clear day!


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