Saturday, September 27, 2014

Staying ZEN….

I have entered a period of great change and restlessness … so much so that even my two wonderful rescue dogs are picking up on my moods. 

I wish that after the numerous trips I've taken to Asia, I would have spent more time listening and absorbing the teaching of Buddhism. My heart and soul gravitates to the Zen philosophy.

Change is scary … in such times, ones needs to find their own peace and reality. My surroundings deeply affect my moods and I find refuge in nature and my home. I am able to capture moments of great but simple beauty, be it a sun ray of pure morning light casting shadows of tree leaves on my walls, the sound of morning dove, the thought of a friend.

All the emotions and feelings are part of the personal journey reflected in my design work.

Share with me a few moments of Bliss, Zen and Beauty ….

These images are from my various Interior Design projects.

Soon InterieursDesign Studio by Francine Gardner is too launch.

Join us on October 14th at Interieurs, 228 East 58th Street for an intimate gathering celebrating our design work and our new website.

Dreaming of a Zen refuge…email me:


  1. Dear Francine,
    On a Saturday morning after a challenging week of rehab, you relaxed me immensely with these wondrous images. Yes, change can be scary, knowing our friends are there is a blessing though. Thank you my friend.

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Bonjour chère Francine!

    C'est vraiment sublime chez toi, et je voudrais te remercier d'être venue me lire! Je suis si contente que mes billets puissent être un endroit où on trouve un petit peu de paix. La poèsie, les images douces et la musique sont mes manières de partager mon coeur. Et merci mille fois de m'avoir laissée de jolis mots.

    Les changements sont si difficiles. Moi aussi; j'enseigne au lycée cette année et ça fait la deuxième année à ce niveau. Je suis bien capable de l'enseigner le français, mais ce qui m'inquiete c'est le système d'education, les trucs d'ordinateur, etc...! Alors, il me faut un coin de imagination, l'amitié et le décor français et le style que tu partages ici.

    Je te souhaite du succès ma chère! Anita

  3. I wished I could join you Francine!

  4. Francine - Wow. So serene and intentional.

  5. So glad to be lifted by your post. I have been going through "the troubles" and will try and find some peace. Love the Buddhas scattered about.

  6. I'm here !!!! …. that will make sense if you have read my reply to your comment over at mine !!!!
    I love everything …… so calm and tranquil and all of my favourite colours. BUT ….. my favourite piece is the light in the first image ….. love the industrial look mixed with the sparkly, twinkling chandelier crystals.
    Am thinking of you Francine. XXXX

  7. Francine saw a few old posts, I was busy this month, Renee was married.
    I love the Italian trunk under glass. Saw a lot of gorgeous items. Enjoy the Fall is goes so fast.

  8. Eat-Pray-Love !
    I hear yah! And to find that perfect center is captivating something in all of us. Yes the Buddhas scattered about so in their perfect placement add to the quiet of each placing.
    I too have been experiencing a restlessness and have looked about in how in my home I could calm it down a bit more. Taking to creating piece seems to help a bit these days.

    Your photos point in no other direction then calm.....

    A perfect place of meeting right here between heaven and earth!


  9. stunning design. I love Budda's. Hope your place in Maine is OK after the freak Blizzard.
    It was bad in the Midcoast.

  10. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.


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