Monday, September 1, 2014

A summer in IBIZA

Years ago, our family and friends would cross the Mediterranean on my parent's motor boat to go and explore Ibiza, famous island in the Baleares. I loved the wildness of this enchanting yet primitive island. The hippies had taken over the ancient town Dal't Villa - the old town- having been thrown out of Katmandu . We were under  Franco's  era, but Ibiza was free from the Vigilentes and started to become a playground for artists, eccentric wealthy travelers and jet setters.

This island is stunningly beautiful, rich in history, culture and architecture. The now famous fincas had incredible charm. After a few visits to Ibiza, we stopped going to settle in the French Village of Eze Village. The New York Times article about Eze Village, published last week brought a slew of memories…. 

Years later, I met this handsome, wild guy in Boston whose mother had a beautiful historic house in the old town of Ibiza. He had spent his childhood summers there. As soon as school was over, we would pack up and fly to Ibiza….

The 80's was  best experienced in Ibiza, the crazy Pasha, Amnesia clubs, dancing until breakfast. Then sleeping the days away on the beach, suntanning and some swimming.

 This is what happens when mixing  too much sun and sangria….

That was the life! We have returned many times, Ibiza is now the home of the super jet setters and famous DJ's.

I love the Mediterranean, the architecture of Greece and Ibiza . Welcome to my dream homes!

My husband's mother's house is next to the church

El Chiringuito at Cala Gracioneta, secluded Ibiza beach restaurant

A Bientôt…. adieu l'ete


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  1. Oh, you poor poor child!
    Imagine spending your life like this. Total heaven is what it is. Now and then!
    I really do think you have a book in you, Francine. Call up Rizzoli immediately !!

  2. Is that a photo of you and your husband? Looks like movie stars!

  3. these are dream homes for me as well. xx


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