Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award (Modified): 7 Places I Love

Back in January, lovely Borjana who writes Green and Stylish nominated me for my second Kreativ Blogger Award. Borjana, thank you for your support, it means the world to me.

In a previous post, I have already revealed 7 things about myself and cannot possibly think of anything else to add that could be of interest..... so, I am taking the liberty to modify the rules a little bit and take you on my self absorbed reminiscence trip back in time to the 7 places in the world where I have experienced pure joy and bliss.

-1- Blackcombe Mountain, British Colombia (view of Blowhole Chute).

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, this heavenly spot will be first on my list

This is the place, where lying in the snow, in tears of joy
following one of my best deep powder run down blowhole,
I contemplated leaving everything behind (except husband
and kids) and stay in Whistler for good.

-2- Chamonix, France

This is an authentic mountain destination where life itself is intricately linked to the unpredictability of the mountain. I am an avid reader of adventure stories taking place in Chamonix

The 1st Winter Olympic Games were held in Chamonix in 1924

-3- Mount Everest, Tibet

Pure love of God's creation, elated, humbled to
take in such a sight after arduous efforts

-4- Sahara Desert, Morocco

Saharan Dunes, Perfect peace, endless horizon...

-5- My Connecticut Garden

My Garden is both my refuge and my therapy.
As Candide (Voltaire) said:"We must cultivate our garden.."

-6- Tanjung Puting National Park, Kalimantan (Borneo) Indonesia

Deep in the rainforest, I feel so absorbed and at
peace by the sheer beauty of nature

-7- Clermont Dessous, my small village in South West France

Where it all started....


Early in the morning, I love reading your blogs. I have already nominated Dumbwit Tellher, French Essence, Timothy Allen Photographer, Things That Inspire, What Were the Skies Like, Hirondelle Rustique and Aspirations of a Southern Housewife. Now I return to my blogroll to identify other equally (and indeed more) deserving candidates than myself for this Award. Please know, this was not an easy decision process because every blog I follow is remarkably creative and entirely deserving of the award.

On this occasion I nominate:


  1. Such great choices to pass this award on to. All such creative bloggers & two I must start reading. What a delight Francine to see your favorite places that bring you such happiness and I can certainly see why. My husband & I had such fun looking at the photos. The shot of you in the desert is incredible (the desert is his favorite place). Where you grew up and your parents live in France is so stunning. Easy for me to say, but I can't imagine leaving? But you have such an adventurous spirit and a love for all the beauty and creativity in our world, you can tell that feeds your soul and feeds you as a designer. I totally understand what you meant about being closer to your parents. I found out we are called the "sandwich generation" when we come to taking care of our parent(s) & still raising children. It truly does tug at your heartstrings to be so far apart doesn't it? If only I could clone myself. Hopefully one day, I will have the opportunity to hear more of your life's adventures; and yes, perhaps in France if I ever decide to make my home in the U.K for awhile. Enjoy your Valentines Day weekend Francine with your husband. Always such a pleasure to read more about you. xx

  2. Beautiful spots, Francine!

    Thanks for sharing such picturesque places...your own garden looks just heavenly, no wonder it's your therapy -- I can almost smell the roses. Also, I see that Clermont Dessous is one place that I must include in my next trip to France. I love discovering others' favorite spots...

    Congratulations on the award + award receivers. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with much love.


  3. Great Post. we had a friend with a hunting lodge and sea plane, I saw a lot of that area, panned for gold,fished, Stayed in Victoria,and Calgary. You have some beautiful photo's.
    Makes me want to see more of France.


  4. What a breathtaking post!!! So glad you came by,now I know about your lovely blog,all the best,Chrissy

  5. Oh how i would adore for you to show me around Clermont Dessous! I would also adore a long walk through your gorgeous garden. Love the way you changed your list to places you have been.
    Hope you had a nice Valentine walk in the woods!
    Have added Art de Vivre to my new list of "beautiful blogs." Lisa

  6. dear francine... you are such a wonderful woman. your experiences are amazing, diverse and full of passion. i love that about you. thank you so much for this humbling award... i will do my best to post about it soon. (i am so bad at this!) will try... i promise!
    happy valentine's day! xoxo pam

  7. F: I married at 33 and had my baby at 37. by choice. I really don't believe in marrying young obviously. I was just kidding about my daughter, trust me!!! hehe - don't worry, I'm not marrying her off too soon.

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog! I have really enjoyed your photos as well and your list of seven places that have given you joy. That is a great exercise and I shall have to give it some thought. I've been fortunate to have seen some beautiful sights although sadly I don't have the pictures as evidence, just memories.

    I am in agreement with you on BC. I especially enjoyed the city of Vancouver, which is on my list of return visits.

  9. Francine, Wow, to have traveled in your shoes...I am drooling over your photographs! I adore the image of you in the Sahara...stunning! And the Borneo river, what an amazing experience, you are living my dream! Thank you so very much, I am both shocked and pleasantly surprised to have received this from you...not sure what to share, seems between the blog and Facebook...I'm a bit of an "open book", I've told everything! Thank you for sharing you wonderful experiences with us, I am going to comb through your blog for the post on Mt Everest, I believe Deb (who I adore)mentioned you wrote about your amazing. Thanks again, all the best Francine.


  10. Bonsoir Francine! Loved your striped rose...Honorine de Brabant? Bourbon's are simply the most divinely scented roses. Ah...the places that make us feel "at home". Thanks for sharing. Trish

  11. Oh Francine, those are wonderful places! have you been to India?? Do let me know if you have or if you plan to! :) It's worth an experience!

  12. This award is great because we learn more about others bloggers. All the places you are talking about are gorgeous places. Well I don't really know your village but one day I will stop by there

  13. I feel so honored! I really love the photo of you in the Saharan desert and of course the small village in France where your roots are. Just gorgeous.

  14. Those pictures of your Conneticut garden are stunning! Would love to see more.


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