Sunday, November 1, 2009


My sincerest debt of gratitude goes out to Sarah Klassen who brings us the stunning blog HAUTE DESIGN. Sarah very generously nominated this small venture into blogging for the Kreativ Blogger award. Sarah, I am genuinely touched by the compliment.

To follow in the Kreativ Blogger tradition, I must now tell my readers seven things about myself they do not already know, so here goes...

1. I can't stand Chintz.
2. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Shrink. As it happens, today, I often play one.
3. Peanuts disgust me, even though I'm not allergic. My kids hated that because they LOVE anything peanut based, especially PB&Js
4. Flying terrifies me. Pray you never end up sitting next to me on a long flight, or you may lose the circulation in your arm.
5. Skiing is my greatest passion. Heaven = three foot deep champagne powder
6. My husband and sons hide on Sundays, knowing that I'll be looking to Shanghai them for garden work, even in BLIZZARDS. I'm a garden FREAK!
7. I'm convinced that in a prior life, I was a mutt.

Part two requires that I in turn nominate 7 other blogger for the award. This is a daunting task as there are so many truly exceptionally talented bloggers. So here it is:

1. Dumbwit Tellher. Deb, I feel like I've known you for years. You do stunning work. I know you've already received the Award before, but, I'm nominating you again, because, well... you deserve it.

2. French Essence. Vicki, Reading your blog is like being yanked back to the South of France. I often wonder, especially on cold rainy New York days, why I don't simply move there for real.

3. Timothy Allen Photographer | Human Planet / BBC EARTH. Allen's photographs are powerful and inspirational. I dream of such a life; maybe in the next one...

4. Things that Inspire. I always look forward to reading this blog. The interiors are always a treat.

5. What Were the Skies Like. This great gardening and horticultural blog feeds my mania.

6. Hirondelle Rustique. Like you I grew up on a farm with flocks of barn swallows. Keep blogging!

7. Aspirations of a Southern Housewife. This is a great blog on living in the South, a part of the country I love, but don't visit nearly as often as I should.


  1. Thank you so much Francine - to be chosen and included in such great company is very touching. I love your list and enjoyed learning these things about you, xv.

  2. oh my goodness, thank you so much! I an beyond honored!

  3. Francine - Your incredibly kind words made me tear up. You are a woman that I truly admire and have such reverence for. To be awarded any recognition is humbling. Your accomplishments & the life you live is remarkable. Simply put, thank you. ~ Deb

    "On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur"

  4. I neglected to ask how your mother is doing? Hoping the kind thoughts & well wishes from all of us that care will brighten her day and yours. She is in my prayers. xx

  5. I'm the same with #4! Hate flying, though I do it often.

    So glad that I found you via Sarah of Haute Design! She's become one of my best blogging buddies! She's always stylish and super sweet*

  6. You certainly deserve this award :)

    Love the list, Francine -- it's wonderful to learn more about you...

    P.S I bet your garden is stunning!


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