Friday, November 13, 2009


As a young newlywed in Boston, the first design magazine I purchased was Metropolitan Home where I found inspiration for our new apartment.

Many years have elapsed since then and my relationship with Met Home evolved from a mere reader to a design contributor.

I have a very special bond with Met Home's incredibly talented team. Several years ago, Donna Warner came to my house for tea and immediately suggested that the house be featured in Met Home. I was stunned, flattered and very excited by the opportunity to showcase my work in such an eminent design magazine.

Since then over the years, I have worked closely with Met Home, especially Linda O'Keeffe, the magazine's incredibly talented Creative Director who featured several of my projects.

I was - and remain - shocked and very saddened when I received an email last week from Donna announcing the closing of the Magazine. Met Home brought to America its modern design voice, always finding new talent and motivating designers to do their very best work.

My United States of Tara space will be featured in Met Home's final issue (December 2009).

Met Home, you will be badly missed; the modern design world will be at a loss without your voice.


  1. Thanks for the comment today - I know what you mean about movies that are about a woman my age! I love that. Esp. when diane keaton didn't get a facelift for that movie. fabulous! I wonder if she every did. remember that? no other actress in hollywood would have played that part without getting a face lift first!!!!

  2. The closing of Met Home came as such a shock. How fitting that your fabulous work will be featured in it's final issue Francine. For some reason that just seems so appropriate. For me to have someone like Donna for tea would compare to having the Queen of England (I suspect Donna to be quite more fun). Without MH gracing my mailbox each month it's like a loss of a cherished, and well respected friend. Thanks for sharing this with us all xx

  3. I did not realize that Met Home was also biting the dust. I'm so sad, I'm going to miss Met Home. Congratulations on your work being featured in this last issue. I love the space that you designed for the project.

    Karen O.

    P.s. Thanks for your lovely comment about Vietnam :) Did you have a chance to visit Hoi An or Hanoi as well?

  4. Hi - I loved your comment about the skirted roundtable - very insightful (of course!) no, it doesn't sound like the budget was that high - but I have heard about other magazines flying people out first class, putting them up in first class hotels, parties, etc. who knows if that is true or not? the bottom line is advertising is down. I just hope things turn around quickly for everyone's sake. This month's HB is wonderful I thought. thanks as always. JOni


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