Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Marsha, of Splenderosa, our fabulous group leader, is ending the spring monthly "By Invitation Only" with a loaded topic!

"Top 5 Things That Make You Crazy:

in other words, how to improve the universe from our own point of view, of course."

Top 5 things that make me crazy... need to think about it, but 5 things that will improve the universe is a little tasking... especially waking up from a 2 days whirlwind of working on table design for the Red Cross Gala event, as well as the flower centerpieces, installing and then, breaking down at one in the morning (Post to follow). Please forgive me for narrowing it down to my own little universe.

MESS ... I am not a nerd but cannot stand mess, clothes on armchairs, stack of things piling up, bathrooms products all over the counter, towels on the floor, I could go on and on. I live with my three men who must have some kind of vision syndrome,  that shields them from looking at their surroundings and makes them oblivious to mess. I can trace their activities from the shedding of clothes and stuff, tools, food left open, empty bottles to the delight of my dogs who love to snuggle on jackets and sweaters. I am the "CLEAN UP" monster. I have been at times known to empty my sons' room or cottage (where my older son lives) and throw everything in the courtyard. It is quite a sight, but get the job done! I like a house without clutter, open and airy and with no "stuff".Being more of a minimalist when it comes to furniture in my house, clutter has no room for it.

GLASSES... I am always loosing my glasses and don't even want to tally up my yearly budget in glasses. Usually, the more expensive such as my Chanel, Cartier, Gucci and others, the shorter their life span...of course, I rarely loose the ones bought out of desperation at the corner drugstore.

LATENESS... I always try to get to my appointments on time, as I believe that it is the respectful thing to do, however, commuting to New York everyday, I am at the mercy of trains, traffic, subways and hate starting my day being stressed out for being late. On the other hand, I get very annoyed when clients, vendors, request really early appointment and show up late without a care. it really messes up the day.

FRIED FOOD... the smell of fried food sends me running. The other day, I actually was enjoying a sunny moment on a bench in the city...being early for an appointment. To my dismay, the local cart was selling some revolting smelling fried "stuff" I did not even want to know what was being fried, some poor creature, no doubt.

WAKING TO MAY HUSBAND'S EARLY MORNING POLITICAL RANTS... Needless to say my husband and I do not share the same political views, and I have to endure his early morning rantings reading the news on his Ipad. No matter how I object, wanting to keep some piece and calm before the usual storm hits,but  there is no stopping him. I swear, it is a disease, some kind of early insanity for which no cure has yet been found.

On such a positive note, I wish every member of our group a wonderful summer.
I cannot wait to read about all your summer plans, projects and vacations.



  1. We're going out with a little craziness, Francine...fun post...thanks for popping by today, lovely tohear from you. Wishing you a wonderful summer too...have fun ;) xx

  2. Having such fun reading everyones ideas...many are my own peeves. I have to admit I on occasion do love french fries, onion rings or fried shrimp...though I hate the smell. I am very prompt so lateness is a big one as is messes, I am not over the top but I love and thrive on neatness and order.....

  3. Hi Francine, I get upset about my friends showing up late all the time.
    One is always late. My daughter says it's a power play. I don't think
    she is ever aware of time. She stops and talks to everyone and is totally
    unaware that we are waiting to leave. HELLO!!! what do you think?

  4. Hi Francine! It's been fun to see everyone's take on our topic this month! I'm always loosing my glasses (and this weekend my Kindle and a box of wine I had just purchased at winery - luckily I found them after a bit of hunting!) I'm afraid I am prone to mess making sometimes, which totally makes me crazy - my husband calls it being "creative" - luckily he puts up with me!

    Have a lovely summer! XOXO

  5. I do concur with you on all points Francine! Clutter and mess clutter my mind, so I do work on that issue, especially with a small space.

    The Arts by Karena

  6. I totally agree with all your points...except loosing my glasses. Now that I need them everyday all day, they're at the end of my nose. Lateness! I struggle with this, but it is so rude for someone to keep me waitng! Messiness, my mind can not be organized in a messy space. I love how you wrote these!! My husband doesn't rant about politics, he has other things to rant about that I agree must be some sort of desease. Enjoy your week!

  7. Your comment about the forensic tracing of activity by discarded items rings oh so true! My children both play sports and so the simple act of them, plus my husband, entering the house, produces an immediate tumble of shoes, bags, water bottles, tangled headphones, books, coats, trousers, socks...

    Very occasionally, between my cleaner leaving and the chaos of Friday afternoon, I stand and breathe the order and rare sight of the floor.

    Annoyingly, it often feels like there's something missing...

  8. I like your list!I can relate to all the above with the exception of the glasses!I have NEVER lost or mis-placed a pair!How that has happened I have no idea.........I am very methodical about placing them and I cannot leave the house without them so I guess that helps.........do pop over and read my list please!As, I am not able to link up with MARSHA as of yet!

  9. Hi Francine,
    What a brilliant list and so different from everyone else's !! ….. and, I love your final one. I have now got a mental picture of you both, sitting up in bed and your husband ranting !!!! XXXX

  10. Your husband and mine would get on splendidly. It's the very same way my morning starts. (Although I am pretty feisty in my political opinions, so I relish a good debate over the morning coffee. Makes the coffee taste even better.)

  11. Oh dear... You would be VERY uncomfortable "chez moi." I'm afraid my place is the opposite of what a cleanness monster could tolerate...stacks of books and magazines and files everywhere (though I can generally find what I'm looking for), a trail of shoes in almost every room (chic chaussures, of course), sweaters and jackets tossed over the backs of chairs... Might you send your Cleaning Magic in this direction?

    As for your other items, I love that lateness made your list! People have become so lax about being late and I consider it terribly disrespectful. We're all late from time to time, but why is it that so many people think nothing of making others late as a result of their perpetual tardiness?

    Fried food. Good one. It's bad for us. (But I make an exception for real Belgian fries, with mayonnaise, of course... in moderation.)

    Wonderful list! (Now I must excuse myself. I think I need to go sort a stack of mail and hang up two jackets I'm staring at. Really.)

  12. I am doubled over with laughter! Of course, I share some of your complaints, especially about the messes. I cringe over this, and I have a girlfriend whose home is so cluttered I've stopped going to see her there. Yes, men do have political opinions and don't mind sharing them along with their philosophy of the universe with anyone who will listen. You are delightful ! Where are all our commentors today? Love you !!

  13. Well said, Francine... and I hear you about the glasses... how I hate my dependancy on them! I refuse to tie them around my neck though... :) xv

  14. Dear Francine have a wonderful trip with your Parents and a beautiful trip.
    They have a loving Daughter and I wish you a Happy Mother's day. yvonne

  15. Needless to say my husband and I do not share the same political views

    Sigh. Neither do my husband and I. And he is running for Congress, which makes it just a little more interesting. I guess there wasn't enough drama in my life.

  16. Oh my Francine we do share many of the same pet peeves...scary actually!! Loved this post!

  17. I think two things are common here, loosing glasses and aversion for fried food.


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