Monday, March 24, 2014

Parisian style

Ines De La Fressange

So often, I am asked to define parisian style… I am indeed not from Paris but from the South West of France, but spent a great deal of time during holidays in Paris, at my family's apartment overlooking the Parc de Vincennes. A few things have stayed with me from my early education…always be polite, have good manners, be assured of yourself, be cultured and well read, know when it is your turn to talk, dress as you please but make sure it is chic, have a natural look. I guess my mother did a good job as to this days, those simple rules are ingrained in my brain and apply to my design affinities.

For most editors, Ines de La Fressange is the aristocrat of chic with impeccable taste and style.

A parisian apartment is rarely contrived, does not follow a design formula. In France, we tend to be more conservative, inheriting family furniture and houses are lived in from generations to generations. Traditionally, the french furnish and design their apartment or houses themselves and occasionally with the help of their antiquaire, dealer or designer. We are not scared to be bold, buy on impulse , mix grand mother's buffet  with a fabulous mid century chaise and a great lamp found in a flee market. We tend to tell a story by juxtapositioning the pieces we love, we design for ourselves , rooms that are comfortable, interesting and truly reflect the personality of who lives in the space. A few must… a library, great wine, carpets, some old and some new and an open door… for friends to pop in and say hello, laughs over cocktail, and serious political conversations with cognac and cigars…

Living in Connecticut for the past 20 years, my house is always open and ready for friends, I still have my great great grand mother's armoire and the house is filled with personal travel treasures, art, furnitures of contemporary as eclectic style. A house in which my sons are just at ease as we are, well lived, constantly evolving and being an integral part of our lives.

A Bientot,



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Francine and, so much inspiration. I love the French attitude to interiors ….. personal, individual and not really materialistic. It makes one's home different and one's own. XXXX

  2. Dear Francine,
    You described the French and Parisian style so well! With beautiful pictures.And I am so agree with you. French are not afraid to mix grandmother's buffet with more contemporary furniture. That is why the French style is so charming.
    And your mother was so right to teach you the French way of living.
    Ines de la Fressange has style! She is indeed a wonderful and classy French lady!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  3. This is why Roche Bobois always looks perfect in their homes, even the very opulent ones. No one can do "French" except the French. And, you do it so well. xx's

  4. So beautiful! French style has a warm, comfortable feeling. It is a mix of vintage and contemporary. French interiors usually looks beautiful, relaxed, luxury, charming, elegant, and rustic. They have their own soul.
    This blog is very interesting.
    I invite you to visit my blog.

    Enjoy your week.

  5. Chère Francine! BONJOUR!

    I just got home from work to see that you visited me....I must follow you for I enjoy your posts, and I love your style. You are so right (but of course, you are French!) about how les français decorate their homes. YOU do it effortlessly, uncontrived, and that is what makes your style so.....dare I say, UNTOUCHABLE? I say that because no matter how much anyone tries to imitate the French style, or any other style for that matter, there is always something that gets lost in translation.

    Ines is the epitome of the modern French woman. She is beautiful, bold and celebrates who SHE IS.

    I also wanted to say that your comment on my blog was very meaningful to me. THIS IS WHY I BLOG, to try to touch the cords of someone's heart strings, to speak to someone who may need a word of encouragement, to open a revelation of something small in a new way to a reader.

    Merci mille fois d'être venue, chère Francine! are from the Southwest of France? Où ça? J'adore La Dordogne! Bises, Anita

  6. Dear Francine, you inspire me always and YES you are always the epitome of chic! Thank you for sharing these luxurious, unique and comforting rooms!

    Artist William Glackens

  7. These are fabulous examples of the French expressions.
    The old world buildings are so gorgeous, with great windows and ceilings .
    Thanks for this post,



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