Saturday, June 22, 2013

The making of a country garden

I believe that we never escape our past.... I grew up in the vineyards region of the South West of France, lived in a big family house with parents,grand parents, uncles and ants and cousins, surrounded by gardens. From a young age, I was always in search of the next adventure, excited by the unknown. My fascination with America became an obsession and indeed this is where my life is, between New york, Connecticut and France. What have I done for the past few years? ... trying to recreate the country garden where I grew a much more modest way though.

" Let us cultivate our garden" Voltaire, Candide

Roses are my passion and I spend a great many hours taking care of them.I have more than 50 different varieties but my favorite are the fragrant antique roses from the old gardens of Isphahan.

The working garden

Relaxing after a hard working day

A dog's rough life

A Bientôt,


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  1. Dear Francine, so gorgeous and lush. The roses with their dewdrops are always enchanting!

    Art by Karena
    NOVICA Giveaway!

  2. Dear Francine,
    I enjoyed this post so much!! Oh dear, these pictures are so beautiful! We are living in the Belgian countryside and as getting older, my respect for nature is growing day by day! I couldn't miss living in the countryside anymore!
    Your roses are so very beautiful! We also have a few diffferent varieties and we so enjoy their beauty and their fragrance!!
    Thank you for sharing these post with us!!
    Enjoy your sunday!!

  3. So beautiful, Francine! A gorgeous bouquet for this quiet Sunday morning, merci...
    And I loved seeing the puppers too. Lucky boys. :)

  4. How beautiful Francine ...... what a wonderful place to live and to enjoy your passion of growing roses. We find it difficult to grow roses but, we do have a wonderful David Austin 'St Swithuns' growing on the front of our house, two ramblers out in our back garden and a ' Rambling Rector ' going mad and rambling over everything !!!! I think that it is about to burst into flower just as we go on holiday to Croatia !! If it is still in bloom when we get back, I shall take some photographs and do a post on it { ....don't hold your breath though !! hehe }. XXXX

  5. Francine, this is SO you & I love all of it. Simply splendid, my friend.

  6. I wish I was in France now. Mercy! it is hot in Maine.
    Love the house, it is so inviting.. Have a great Summer.
    Stay cool yvonne


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