Saturday, December 15, 2012

Innocence lost

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Today, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters ask...WHY... when nothing makes sense, when the pain is too hard to bear, when total strangers stop in shock, when our President shed tears, when I cry for the innocent souls... I ask WHY....children are the pure innocent souls that bring love and joy to our lives.

To day, we all grieve... tomorrow we will need to find comfort if not understanding.


  1. Beautifully put Francine. This is the incomprehensible that shakes you to the soul.

  2. Oh Francine, This is just awful, all those children and at Christmas too. We have to stop Assault and guns that should only be for Police and Army being sold. You only need a Sat night special if a woman. A hunting rifle for a guy. How dare they sell these mass killing guns.
    That's my in put.
    Merry Christmas
    Yvonne and Renee

  3. Am thinking of all of those who have been devasted by this horror.......... it is actually too hard to contemplate Francine. XXXX

  4. Does no one ever see signs of craziness in these murderers?
    Is it guns?
    Or is it crazy people who get guns?
    Whatever, from now on our schools will be fortresses, the parents, the nation will demand that it happen.
    And WHY did a female school teacher need all these weapons?

  5. So well said. I am heartbroken and just cannot shake what has happened. So senseless and I keep asking myself why those poor young children, why anyone? The pain I imagine is unbearable for those families left behind to grieve. We can only hold them in our hearts and prayers and hope they find comfort and solace somehow in these dark days ahead.

  6. Lovely, Francine. I will never understand. This breaks down every wall that has been built over a lifetime to reach deep into our hearts. I just don't understand.

  7. Oh Francine those little ones are now angels in heaven. I cry and pray and hope that even though too late they find a real answer as to why.

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  8. The one question is always "why"... earlier today I heard something that makes about as much sense as any in answer to that question... our society is so anxious to take God out of our daily lives, from prayer in school, to the debate over the right to life, to Christmas mangers in the town squares, on and on to the point where we are becoming a Godless society... and then when something so horrible as this happens the question is "where was God and why would God let this happen?". My faith tells me that God is there to help with the healing and that all those precious souls are at peace and in the care of those greater than ourselves.

    I just lost my three day old grand daughter last week, so my pain and understanding of their loss is very close... the pain is unbelievable, but my faith gives me peace of mind. May God bless and be with them.

  9. Beautiful Francine,

    Oh your words are so true. I am a teacher, but have no children of my own, but somehow, I ended up with hundreds of them in my life. All I want to do as I go in as a substitute teacher these days, is just value every moment of their existence.

    Your comment to me is just a WONDERFUL and honest commentary on what we, the living, MUST DO. SOCIETY needs to come together to change the course of thinking in the minds of not just the young, but the middle-aged who have the power to change the flow of the tides. I agree with everything you proposed.



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