Monday, November 19, 2012

My latest project in Luxe magazine

It is wonderful to share good news. My latest project was not only published in Luxe Interiors + design, but we even made the cover! Needless to say, I was thrilled especially since this project is a favorite of mine, and the owners of the house, who are much more than clients, were wonderful to work with. I am very thankful that they allowed their house to be published as they are otherwise extremely private people.

The house is located in the Hamptons and I went back in time, to all my summers in the South of France to create a serene atmosphere of understated elegance.

A Bientôt,



  1. The Hamptons, My cousins boyfriend has a home there, Beautiful.
    Congrats on being a COVERGIRL.
    Have a nice Thanksgiving, Our moving van Huge just arrived. Wish us luck.


  2. Making a magazine should be celebrated. Congrats to you!

  3. Oh, I love this "covergirl!" Yvonne was right. Just so so pretty, Francine...and I will definitely pick up a few copies and give them to my friends to share. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the fam...and CONGRATS for being om the deserve it, of course. xx's

  4. absolutely beautiful Francine--and the cover no less--so well deserved! Cheers!

  5. Absolutely serene, and sophisticated. Congratulations Francine, such a tremendous home and so beautifully decorated. I love the calm colour palette and the small injection of orange.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.
    All my best to you,
    x Deb

  6. It is stunning Francne and it deserves to be on the cover.

    Leeann x

  7. Congratulations, Francine! It doesn't surprise me that these rooms are stunning.
    Happy Tuesday.

  8. I must say your project is truly admirable Francine. True sense is made by the use of calm colour & some use of orange shades. xo
    ~ Herman Swan

  9. A thousand BRAVOS Francine. Superbe! And all my favorite colors: gray orange and white.

  10. Stunning! Beautiful house and love the pops of orange! x Maria

  11. How fantastic!!! I saw this on the newsstand, and had no idea it was you. Many congratulations on doing such beautiful work - and getting some deserved recognition too! LUXE is one of my favorites; they only publish the best. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. How have I missed your gorgeous blog?! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting so I could find Art de Vivre. How exciting to have your work in Luxe interiors + design, a favorite!! The home is beautiful and such great inspiration for us as we are in the throes of renovating a beach home - love the pops of orange. Thrilled to be your newest follower and have added you to our "blogs we love"!

  13. Well, of course your project is on the cover of Luxe Francine! Gorgeous and so beautifully subdued, I am going to hop over to my huge screen (I am a lazy laptop girl these days) so I can study the details better. I am so happy for you!
    Thank you for your comment and if I get to NY to see the windows this month I will definately call to see you (did I hear cocktail party mentioned-lol) and wrap up a few things for your tree. If not this month, definately will be coming in May for the stationery show. trying to get our french friend to meet me there. Hope all your holiday planning is going beautifully. xx

  14. Absolutely beautiful - congratulations! These interiors remind me so much of various gorgeous houses I know in Cape Town, where the climate and lifestyle is very similar to the south of france.


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