Thursday, September 27, 2012

Elle Decor...and Interieurs

In our creative business, the support of the press is beyond invaluable! Editors endorse projects, products and the men and women behind them. The press support is not only beneficial for PR purposes but also gives us the validation that sometimes as all creative souls and merchants we need.

Thank you Elle Decor for making us part of this fabulous fashion issue!

Our To Turn You On table shown in gold leaf. I was thrilled to see Aurelien Gallet, one of my favorite designer, also french working in new York and paris

This table is contemporary, whimsical, elegant and quite versatile. It will be part of our advertising campaign in Luxe magazine and Rolls Royce bi-centennial book. We will also present it during the Greenwich design show in mid November.

As currently displayed in our INTERIEURS store front on 58th Street in New York.

A Bientôt,



  1. Good for you. I know how this sort of thing helps!

  2. Hello Francine! Hope that you rested up after all your hard work at Maison and are now back home eagerly awaiting all the stylish new purchases. It was such a delight to meet up with you in Paris. I was happy anywhere as long as there was a plate of frites on the table.........which there continued to be! I so enjoyed the south of France too, was most sad to leave. Yes, we all have to meet up in New York, it is very close. Just a sidenote, Vicki and I loved your dress. Much love XX

  3. As always, total perfection of beautiful sleekness with whimsey. Nobody does it better !

  4. Hello Francine, I in fact purchased the U.S. edition last week and hadn't gotten a chance to read it yet. Always incredible to get great press and the table is certainly worthy of it. I love it in gold especially. It's one of those iconic tables you could use in any setting, from traditional to the modern. Congratulations!

  5. So true Francine!!!
    I also wanted to thank you for your nice comment on my earlier blogpost about 'white as a new color trend'!

  6. hello friend... this is MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!! and congratulations on the press...
    tried to get to paris for the show but in 8th month of building my sisters house so i am back and forth for another couple months... house complete end oct and then onto landscaping if weather permits...
    website up soon, orders flooding in and you know... here we go! its holiday!
    hoping you are doing really well.. xx

  7. those lovely tables did catch my eye in the magazine. and the look even better in your showroom. wonderful, stunning pieces. donna


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