Monday, August 8, 2011

A wedding...behind the scenes

My dining room turned into a floral workroom

As an Interior Designer, I am often called to create environments that incorporate all facets of design and creativity. I love rising to a challenge that is usually outside of my expertise. In such instances, I often advise  clients on travel places, art, collecting artifacts, build book collections to fill in bookshelves with themes that will be of interest to them. I also have been collecting books on landscaping, gardening and suggest clients ideas for  landscaping,  pool, outdoor structures, and type of cut flower gardens. To complete an installation, I arrange flower displays to welcome clients to their newly designed home.

My friend judy and I prepare the center pieces the day before

I have enormous respect for event planners as everything must be timed and done perfectly as you are not given the opportunity for a second chance. The stress level is even more intense than working on a client installation. This was the case for Estera's wedding (see previous post). I thought  my checklist was a perfection...arrangement samples presented and approved by the future bride, vases ordered, flowers specified, counted and ordered with just enough time for them to open to perfection on the wedding day. Well, I forgot one element...the weather. How could I have forgotten about the weather? The last wedding I hosted in my house for my best friend, took place during a hurricane, which flooded my courtyard with 10" of water.

This time around, no rain in sight but 105 degrees temperature. The flowers did not like the relocation  from the  refrigerated storage to our house. For 3 days, we lived with sweaters on and the AC running at full blast. Nevertheless, we endured serious casualties. Mercifully, I had ordered quite a few extra dozens of roses.
Once in the location, the whirlwind started, petals from roses that opened far too fast were strewn over tables.  The centerpieces were arranged at home with my friend Judith, a master gardener and flower designer extraordinaire with serious  experience in weddings. The tall arrangements were done on site, then last minute improvisation for chairs placement, and every detail that did not work as planned due to wind and heat  during the outdoor ceremony.

It all worked out in the end, the bride and her mother stunningly beautiful, the groom elegant and happy and we all celebrated such a dear beautiful couple happiness and danced the night away.

Entrance to the Farm's reception room

The bride's bouquet

Center pieces. 

The Bridal table

A Bientot,


  1. Wow the tables look fabulous and the flowers are "tres belle". It has also been hot here in SW France and flowers are not lasting a long time in our house especially on the 2nd floor :-)

    A tres bientot,

    Leeann x

  2. Francine,
    You have done a perfect job here. The arrangements look edible. That is a compliment!
    The colors and textures meld beautifully.

  3. I want to go back to work at the florist shop. I miss it. The colors are fabulous. Swell place for a wedding.The photo's a great.
    Beautiful job Francine.

  4. Hi Francine
    You have done a wonderful job. So very beautiful. If I was to ever, ever get married again you would be my official go to gal for flowers! But don't hold your breath.

  5. Quite the challenge but looks like everything turned out beautifully!!

  6. Francine ~ your expertise now includes flower design and even planning. Wear that title proudly because you created absolutely gorgeous arrangements, despite the sweltering heat. The wedding sounded like a divine event. The colors are so beautiful, almost takes your breath away. My hat is off to you!

  7. Oh Francine, this is a lovely view of the work that went into the wedding... the flowers are splendid—so warm and fresh at the same time... and that reception entrance is breathtaking!

  8. Francine, all's well that ends well...and you really pulled this off. I know the angst you must have felt with the flowers having been there myself a time or two! but you created a gorgeous backdrop for this lovely couple!



  9. absolutely gorgeous flowers!!!! such a wonderful combination between those yellow roses and the chrysanthemum! love this post!


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