Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ICFF... The International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Light by Aqua Creations

I have never missed the ICFF  in New York, a must for architects, designers or anyone for that matter who is passionate for contemporary design. I even showed my Interieurs Collection a few years in a row at the ICFF. This show is not about selling volume, mass market, knock offs, playing it safe. This show is about creative design, going out on a limb and showing the best you've got! I admire the young brave artists who dare to be different.
 On sunday, I discovered a fantastic lighting designer from Brooklyn and will set up a meeting to discuss working with her, I placed a fairly large order on ecologically safe non vent outdoor and indoor fireplaces and worked the Limited Edition booth, meeting potentially new clients. I carry Limited Edition rugs in my showroom, by far my favorite rugs on the markets with endless possibilities to design your own rug as well. Limited Editions won the Best Award for carpet and flooring at this year's exhibitions...Congratulations are in order!

I (or should I say Ania, Interieurs party planner extraordinaire...on her way to entertain more clients in Las Vegas)  gave a party for the winners of last year Best Design on our terrace, where they invited potential clients to view their favorite pieces in context.

I will illustrate a few of my favorite personal discoveries.

Limited Edition rugs, made in Belgium, available at my INTERIEURS Showroom 

Color and style collage of some of my favorite LE rugs

Fantastic cardboard cut outs from Japan

A pink fuss-ball with choice of girls or boys players...

Always thinking of my very young clients, Contra design house from Lithuania

Loved the artistic wallpaper and organic pillows by Eskayel of Brooklyn

Will be setting up a meeting with Evelyn, designer of these water inspired chandeliers

We work with this amazing group Amuneal, love the miniature models of their projects,stairways, pipe playground, table etc...

Great Bike hanger by Jason of 44 steel whose products are displayed at Interieurs

Who needs to build a house when you can purchase a free standing cabana by Puck and Blossom
As shown 12'x16' ZIP cabana

I am building a shed and would like to attach a kitchen coop. I fell head over heels for this Brooklyn made chicken co-op, created by raad studio

And of course, what would be a Contemporary show without Philippe Stark surrealistic creations.

Now back to work, four  client's installations by Memorial week-end...


  1. Francine,
    These images are stunning. The cardboard cutouts are unbelievable. Also love the zinc table and the chandeliers.
    Hope that all is well with you.

  2. thanks for the recap... and wishing you loads of good wishes with the installations... eeeeek.... then i hope you are off to the beach! xoxo

  3. i adore carpet tufts.
    the remind me of my days doing carpets for schumacher.
    and the water chandelier is absolutely amazing!!
    just think of how it must have been for the designer....
    to design it and then to see the results after it's being manufactured.

  4. Hi Francine,
    What magnificent creations, each and every one in their own way. It must have been so inspirational, being there and, you will now have even more gorgeous things in your store. Thanks so much for showing us such creativity. XXXX

  5. It is with great pleasure that delightfull attended ICFF and once again has to know what is best made in Portugal. Thank you for visiting us, continue to accompany us. Soon more news.

  6. I never saw a pink pinball table... how fun! xo

  7. i agree with Jacqueline it was really magnificent and amazing furniture it was so beautiful.. wow..
    Website design New York

  8. Hi francine thanx for your visit yes the prada socks are gross arent they !thanx for the Paris fix( i used to live there) and Phillippe Starke who i love ! I used to go to all the London fairs too and the eggs are fabulous and your table looked really interesting and fun too enjoy your weekend fay

  9. Francine so glad you are keeping busy! So many great finds at the exhibit!!

    Art by Karena

    Thrilled that you like Serena and Lily!


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