Sunday, December 5, 2010

Portrait of an artist: Jason

My Interieurs showroom is really a curated collection of artists, artisans, bench made furniture intermixed with contemporary pieces which encapsulates the essence of Interieurs' principal theme: "Modern Soulful Living"

I would like to introduce "Jason" an artist at heart, with a vision. We both share the same passion for bringing back the objects of our industrial past, a bygone era, that was once the greatest strength of America. I love to learn the harsh lessons of the past and my visit to Cleveland was as if I stepped back in time.

Jason invited me to visit his studio where he hand blows the shades for our glass pendants, floor lamps and vases. I was fascinated to watch him work, and it gave me a real appreciation of the skill and arduous efforts that go into every one of his creations.

One of his amazing chandeliers

I love rummaging  through old warehouses, industrial junkyards and visiting Jason's warehouses filled with industrial machinery taken apart, backyard covered with discarded wheels, bases, got my creative mode going full force. From pieces of huge industrial machines, he would salvage various fittings and create pieces of furniture thought after by the most famous designers. Thom Filicia, Clodagh, Ralph Lauren, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Steven Gambrel... just to name a few of our customers who love to incorporate Jason's pieces in their design work.

Jason took me to an auction where he bids on this now obsolete equipment. He strips these machines apart, and would keep this wheel for instance which will become the base of a floor lamp, or wheels for a cocktail table. The remains of the machine itself - after Jason has stripped it of parts for his creations - will be sold by the pound to be turned into recycled steel.

Jason's Grate tables frame the Stephane Sofa

 All these beautiful pieces and many others are available at His lighting collection can be found here.

Jason appears here in a video premier for this blog, blowing one of his signature glass lamp shades:


  1. Francine,
    Thank you so much for sharing this artist! I love nothing more than to be able to see an artist create or learn an art myself. This is so interesting, and I love his work. SO INSPIRATIONAL!
    Have a nice week.

  2. Oh Francine,
    What beautiful pieces....Jason is indeed a wonderful artist. I love his lamps. ....and, I think that it is wonderful to watch a glass blower at work. It is such an art.
    Hope you are well Francine. Is it snowy in NYC ?!! XXXX

  3. Fabulous work. Love both his repurposed industrial pieces as well as the beautiful hand blown glass - truly a creative talent at work!

  4. i love his work.
    it looks like fun.

    and re:
    the subject of walk in traffic???
    it is very slow...deader than a door nail maybe?
    it will EVENTUALLY pick up.
    it has to .


  5. THANKS A LOT ! enjoyed this portrait. to make glass is so dramatic and thrilling, isn't it ?
    white greetings from germany.
    christina from mygreenhaven

  6. Francine - really????? really???? omg! i am so jealous!!! you don't even care about the movies. hahahah!!!!! love you.

  7. Francine, these works are the lamps and the coffee tables....xv

  8. Hello~

    Thank you so much for coming by my blog to leave your Christmas memory for my giveaway. I really enjoyed reading it!

    I love your blog too, your photos are great! I love your taste for design.

    Noel from Fanciful Designs

  9. wow - a true craftsman with the eye of an artist! I LOVE that chandelier!

  10. The fact that your showroom is a curated collection of artists, artisans creations it what sets your store apart from the competition. Jason is one incredible artist. Owning a piece of his would be owning a one-of-a-kind work of art.

    Thank you Francine for a look into Jason's work. Sending you lots of holiday cheer. xx


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