Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bhutan: A Buddhist Kingdom part II

Tantric Buddhism was introduced as early as the eight century and is based on the same beliefs as other forms of Buddhism:
" the consequences of actions in previous lives, or karma, forces all beings to reincarnate.All human efforts should aim towards enlightenment, which means release from the cycle of incarnations into the state of Nirvana, the annihilation of suffering which accompanies all existence" (Francoise Pommaret)

Punakha Dzong sits at the confluence of the Mo (female) and Po (male) rivers.
Holiest dzong in Bhutan

Religious festivals are celebrated for several days

These graphic penises adorn all Buthanese houses to welcome guests and protect the house and its family members. They are painted on walls, sculpted in wood, hanging from the roofs, to honor a religious holy man Drukpa Kunley a.k.a the Divine Mad Man

Quite an enjoyment for us ladies....


  1. How beautiful!! The scenery, the architecture, the costumes. I know so very little about this part of the world - thank you for my vicarious visit. So inspiring!

  2. Beautiful photos, what an experience :)
    Bhutan is on my wish list.

  3. OK, the last photo took me completely off guard! :)
    But seriously, your travels impress and inspire me so much1

  4. You have such rich experiences, amazing scenery, so inspiring.

  5. What an experince, I would never consider going there. You are amazing. I am still laughing on the last photo. Thank you so much for sharing all these interesting photo's and a place I would never have seen. Happy Thanksgiving.


  6. kinda got me there.
    Just beautiful Francine. The architecture is stunning...and I mean that it is so colorful and towering...ok really beautiful photos.
    Thank you for bringing us along on your journey.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    xo Lisa

  7. Dear Francine
    Your photos of Bhutan are divine!!! this and last post!!! What wonderful travel experiences you have.... mine are more tame these days!!

    So glad you had a wonderful time... the penis drawings reminds me of a shot I took in Pompeii although I'm imagine the decorations were not for the same reasons!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! You and your loved ones... ciao ciao xxx Julie

  8. How heavenly....I love the simplicity and the discipline to study. The penises kill me though! Dude,I don't know if I would ever walk into my house with a straight face having just walked past a penis...I'm just silly that way..Great post!


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