Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lunch at Pres Catalan in Paris

OMG it is close to 11am and am not even ready... A little too much champagne last night went straight to my head ... I really needed to end 2011with my favorite bubbles. The" By Invitation Only "girls...or ladies are meeting at the Pre Catalan restaurant for a welcome to 2012 luncheon. We will of course gossip,tell stories but also share our thoughts on going forward...

As always, I am running incredibly late. Showered, I will wear my hair in a simple chignon, hardly any make up, throw on my favorite pair of Seven jeans with my softest white T shirt, a touch of Shalimar,  a Chanel Jacket and my Louboutin should do the trick...

Already salivating over the menu...

I cannot quite articulate  my thoughts on "going forward" as I am too involved in the grueling facts of the present. I think I will seat quietly, enjoy the company and the food and listen...


Check in with Marsha at Splenderosa to read about the group's stories and fashion


  1. Hmmmm...that menu was a delightful read!! Loving the outfit to bits! Sit quietly, I think not, we will give you another glass of bubbles!!!


  2. Love the outfit! Very chic indeed!
    I'm with you on having a challenge articulating my thoughts for 2012. I tend to be more quiet, so spilling forth my innermost thoughts is foreign to me.

    See you in the new year!

  3. As always, perfectly dressed! Les cuissardes! I have a gorgeous pair of Mui Mui but with the cobblestones of Arles..sigh, alas no. And as for the menu, I can only look at those prices! I nearly spit out my wine!!! :)

  4. Oh my gosh those boots....loved having virtual lunch with you!

  5. You're the chic-est of all! So Ines:). I really do wish we could gather and talk. It would be really fun.

  6. So sorry I couldn't join you for lunch - you're looking very chic!! Love the looks of the jeans with the Chanel! Bon appetit!


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