Monday, January 16, 2012

Designing: white on white

The pure bluish white glacier is an amazing sight in the midst of Kilimanjaro dry, drab rocky summit. Precious moments of beauty and rest in thin air, minutes away from the summit. I could not take my eyes away from such a marvelous sight.

My dear friend Linda O' Keeffe recently published a beautiful book "Brilliant": White in Design. In her words, "White always makes a statement. It is distinct, versatile and unparalleled; it is brilliant".

This led me to analyze my work and its reliance on the various shades of white.
The spectrum of white is so vast and offers limitless creative choices to the designer. White conjures a nostalgic, romantic ,soft charm but white is equally embraced by modern avant garde architects and  designers. A pure white space will reflects and emphasizes the architecture to perfection.
In my work, I look at white  with the eyes of a minimalist and inject my personal dose of eclectic elements, soft textiles, distressed antiques, ethnic objects, contemporary artworks to create a warm, welcoming environment.
I love both the pure brilliance of minimalist architecture as well as the coziness of a well lived white bedroom or living room for instance.

Jean Nouvel extraordinary architecture for the Louvre Museum in Abbu Dabbi

pue minimalist white Kitchen:

A white glass tiles bathroom I designed for a client's New York loft. The Master bath was so small, that following a complete gut job, I recaptured every inch of space. White gave the illusion of space, airiness  and light.

Jean Nouvel bed design

Paola Navone bed, when modern meets traditional craft of crochet

I gravitate towards imperfect spaces and white is a great way to blend materials, textures, forms and furnishings

Mark Adams vis The Ranch Malibu

image via

As seen in Linda O 'Keeffe  "Brilliant"

My dog Clancy enjoying a late afternoon rest.

AD spanish issue No.2011

In Linda O'Keeffe "Brilliant"

Elle Decor

Hotel Alpaca, Italy

Chandelier by Paola Navone

Interieurs chandelier by Jose Esteves

My own festive winter white table

Elle Deco festive white table

Love the simplicity of this kitchen :Image

Rustic meets modern  kitchen

 And Finally, the Full Moon on December 8, 2011
Photo: Luke Gardner

All I am missing is snow for a perfect winter white mood.

A bientot,



  1. Francine wonderful images!!

    I loved seeing the various textures of white on your sofa.

    Standing near the grandeur of Mt Kilimanjaro and that glacier must have been the experience of a lifetime!

    Art by Karena

  2. Francine-
    These images are stunning! I love the bathroom you designed, and your winter table is amazing. Clancy is precious.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a nice week.

  3. Isn't it interesting? I always have felt that white is so impersonal that it becomes deeply personal, you have to choose.

    As usual, there is far too much to respond to here but I will say that ah, Clancy looks like he has the sweet life indeed!

  4. I am always eager to get back to "white" especially after all the colors of Christmas.
    A beautiful post Francine and a breath of fresh air. Thank you.
    xo Lisa

  5. I think white has got an universal appeal.
    (liked everything except the white log at the fireplace)

  6. I am a huge fan of white interiors. Love the soothing, calm feel they evoke. The room by Katy Elliot with the statement making pendant lighting and farmhouse table is fabulous!!

  7. I so wish I had the restraint and eye for going all white. My home is such a clutter of color and pattern, I fear that white will NEVER be an option. But there are so many lovely photos here to oooh and aaaahh at! XO

  8. I am loving the Mark Adams space and the contrast of the wood against the white backdrop. Of course, Clancy is not too bad either!! So cute! xo

  9. Wonderful examples of the relevance and great variety of white! Love your table! You should be getting your wish for snow late tonight!!

  10. I love white too, for its serenity and calm. These are gorgeous, inspirational shots, but none more wonderful than your first, of the glacier on Kilimanjaro. That got me reading your post on your climb, and what a joy that was! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, as it led me to discover yours ...
    Karen x


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