Monday, December 9, 2013

In the mood…for a little romance, dream and beauty

Quite a long title, but it indeed encompenses our unveiling of my Showroom INTERIEURS holiday windows and the latest Jose Esteves Show.

I could not have dreamed of a more festive, happy,beautiful party. Champagne flowing, editors, clients and friends talking and laughing into the night. Everyone chatting with Jose about his inspiration and work.

We transformed the showroom into a "cabinet de Curiosite" with webs and stars floating. Exhausted but thrilled, after the last guest and member of team Interieurs left, I closed the door, shut down the light, sat in my favorite chaise and closed my eyes. 2013 is almost over, the thrills, the pains, the worries, my african adventure, the constant fear of the unknown… is it really all worth it? Then I summoned all energy left in my body, YES it is! How lucky I am to have met creative brilliant kind talent such as Jose, my team…yes we bicker, yes I get upset and demanding, but we laugh (especially when I start dancing the twist to loud vintage rock music past 8pm… trying to crunch the last invoice) and I truly love everyone in my team, my work and the little moments of pure elation when we make a difference in our client's life by bringing beauty, peace and joy.


A Bientôt,

Happy Holidays!

xx Francine


  1. So glorious Francine!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. Francine, I really loved to read that you enjoy your love so much! You feel happy when you make your clients happy! That is what it is all about! So wonderful to hear! And I am sure that the people who work with you feel happy too, by seeing you and your clients be happy! This is exactly what I try to do in our comany!
    Wishing you, your family and your team a wonderful Holiday season!
    Warmest wishes,

  3. "The constant fear of the unknown," I think beauty goes a long way towards dispelling fear. That is why I am grateful to all my fellow bloggers for posting so much beauty.


  4. Beautiful Items! Great Designs ,love that :)
    follow new ,mind follow back?


  5. Happy Holidays to you too! I love these images.

  6. CHère Francine! Je viens de voir ton commentaire sur mon ancien billet! MERCI pour tes jolis mot! Et, quelles merveilles d'art ici! J'adore la saison de Noël, d'hiver! Bonne journée ma belle, Anita


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